Mono Case Strap GS1 Betty Steel Grey (Long) Sharkskin DISCONTINUED

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All Betty Straps feature matte black steel hardware and Ash Duraweave

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In 2007 we set out to design a guitar strap, aimed at providing the ultimate playing experience, to act as the on-stage counterpart to our M80 guitar cases. The Betty was born, taking comfort to a whole new level, and making heavy instruments feel light as air. With its minimalist design and rugged build, the Betty Strap demands to be both seen and worn. The wide wale design distributes the weight of heavy instruments. A thin memory-foam core provides luxurious comfort. The smooth Neoprene underbelly lets the shoulder breathe and slides nicely across your shirt and skin. A hidden "pick pocket" houses an emergency stash. Go Play.

  • Wide wale design distributes weight of heavy instruments 
  • Memory foam core increases circulation and reduces fatigue 
  • Neoprene underbelly reduces friction and allows for airflow against skin
  • Hidden "pick pocket" 
  • Adjustable length
  • Steel hardware 
Fits standard bass and guitar strap pins. 
Available in two adjustable sizes (pin to pin): 
Long (47"-59") This is the size of the product you are looking at


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