Mono Case Strap GS1 Doolittle Sergeant Green DISCONTINUED

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A rugged woven cotton guitar strap designed to break in over time like your favorite pair of jeans

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The Minimalist
In a textbook example of "less is more", the Doolittle guitar strap is a refreshingly simple design, with a look and feel that is sure to make it a classic for generations to come. Using a 2" wide weave of reinforced cotton, the Doolittle is designed to wear well over time, conform to the wearer, and become more comfortable the older it gets. Clean lines and industrial materials complete the minimalist aesthetic. Custom dyed colors offer a tasteful palette of options to fit any guitar, on any occasion.

Materials & Details
In order to create something luxurious and refined, the smallest details need to become the biggest considerations. For the Doolittle, this means the industrial elegance of woven cotton, the way the die cut rubber end panels grip the guitar pins, and the way the light catches the brushed nickel custom buckle (the lower buckle is ABS plastic to avoid scratching the guitar.) No animal products are used in the Doolittle, or any other MONO designs. 

- 2" wide reinforced woven cotton 
- Industrial rubber die-cut end panels 
- Fully adjustable length
- Custom hardware

Fits standard guitar strap pins. One size, fully adjustable from 39"-68" (pin-to-pin). Rubber end panels may be cut/modified to fit'strap locks if necessary.

Color: Sergeant Green

Question: Where Can I Buy a Mono Case Strap GS1 Doolittle Sergeant Green DISCONTINUED?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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