Mono Case Strap GS1 Warsaw Stark White DISCONTINUED

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Seatbelt webbing and custom hardware combine to form a sleek industrial look.

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The same indestructable nylon webbing from the automobile seatbelt is used as the primary material in the Warsaw guitar strap. The slinky, slippery, supple feel of the seatbelt makes for a uniquely comfortable playing experience. An alternating vertical weave creates a metallic shimmer as it catches and reflects light. The iconic design and custom hardware details makes the Warsaw a striking addition to your stage presence, while the industrial materials wit'stand a lifetime of abuse.

We entrust our lives to the seatbelt, so we thought maybe it™s worthy of holding our guitars as well. Strong as it may be, the Warsaw is anything but restraining. The slick surface wants to move, and you will too. Manta Black, Platinum Grey and Stark White color options add a sense of luxe to the industrial look.

Leather tassles and lightning bolts? No thanks. The Warsaw gets its edge by combining intense materials with a bold, iconic design. The Warsaw doesn't beg for attention, it commands it. The subtle and refined look goes from punk to hip hop in seconds. Get noticed, but in a good way.


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