Music Man

  1. Delano MC6 HE 6 String DL5(MusicMan Xtend) Size Quad Coil Pickup

    6 string Quad Coil MusicMan Pickup
    Four humcancelling coils in a XL-sized MM style™ 6-string pickup, the DELANO MC6 HE has a very large sensing area. Strong ceramic magnets, carbon steel blades and a custom quad coil array provide a well-balanced highend sixstring bass sound...
  2. Nordstrand Zen Blade

    $109.00 - $312.00
    Nordstrand Zen Blade
    Nordstrand Zen Blade The Spectral Center : a pickup that exists in the Tao of tone. The sidewinding Zen Blade mimics the voice of a sonic Buddha, centering the player on a plane of echoed clarity, while delegating a fluid rip, pop,...
  3. Delano MC HE/S Dual Coil Series MusicMan

    $135.00 - $172.00
    *For your 4, 5 and 6 String MusicMan Basses*
    The DELANO MC HE/S is our highend MM style™ dual coil humbucking pickup. Its custom coils are precision hand wound around two sturdy silicon steel blades on top of our specially engineered double magnet array, all hidden by a closed structured...
  4. Delano MC HE Quad Coil Series MusicMan

    $164.00 - $190.00
    *For your 5 and 6 String MusicMan Basses*
    The closed cover MC HE can offer a rainbow of tonal colours, especially if used with the DELANO active 2 or 3-band circuit. Very articulated extended range fivestring bass sound with great detail and definition throughout the entire spectrum...