Nordstrand Preamps

Nordstrand Preamps

Nordstrand Preamps

Available in a wide variety of control configurations and in 2-band and 3-band EQ styles, the Nordstrand preamps are a perfect complement for your bass that requires onboard EQ'ing. These preamps are built in house at Nordstrand and utlize high quality audio grade potentiometers, output jacks, and battery clips all the Nordstrand preamps are prewired requiring you to only make minimal soldering connections including input of your pickups and battery ground.

Their models utlize OP-Amps(IC's) in their design and include 2 in the 2-band and 4 and in the 3-band models. They are transparent units that do not color or contour the natural tonal characteristics of your bass when the EQ is set flat. They are simply their to assist in creating further tonal expression without detracting from your own unique sound. Each preamp includes gain control onboard for those that wish to increase the output of weaker pickups, or decrease the output of hotter pickups.

A perfect addition to your bass Nordstrand preamps will not dissapoint your onboard EQ needs.

  1. Nordstrand 3B Module

    Nordstrand 3 Band Module
    Description Nordstrand preamps are a clear, transparent, and sonically aggressive preamp capable of allowing you to dial your ideal tone in from the onboard active EQ. The Nordstrand preamp has gain control onboard to allow precise control...
  2. Nordstrand 2-Band 2B Preamp Module (With EQ Pots)

    2B Module
    Nordstrand 2B Module (Module and EQ Pots) Includes 2 EQ pots. Does not include output jack or battery clip. Technical Specifications Overall Gain: +/- 10db by a trim pot on the module Treble: ...
  3. Nordstrand 3-Band 3B Preamp Module (With EQ Pots)

    Includes 3-50K EQ pots
    Nordstrand 3B Module Unwired module supplied with potentiometers. No battery clip, output jack. Technical Specifications Overall Gain: +/- 10db by a trim pot on the module Treble: ...