Nordstrand Pickups

Nordstrand Pickups


Nordstrand pickups have become one of the most well respected manufacturers of pickups for bass in the world. Their forward thinking approach and unique signature designs allow you the player to have a wide variety of options to create your own unique and satisfying tone.

Their pickups are built on a vintage paradigm. They are not what one would consider a modern hi-fi approach that commonly utilize closed cover, or strictly rail/blade build approach. Each pickup is handwand on their machines, built with a removable cover with most models utilizing Alnico V magnets, and most are built with exposed pole piece construction and built with spacing to satisfy most instruments. They are also able to custom manufacture pickups in spacing to suit your desires on your own custom build.

They offer the basic 3 commonly known styles of pickups for Jazz Bass, P-bass and MusicMan basses, but also have sizes in Bartolini BC, P2, P4, and EMG sizes in EMG 35, 40, and 45.

The standard offerings of the common pickups include those for 4 and 5-Strings in Single Coil and Split-Coils for Jazz Bass and P-bass and Dual, Quad-Coil, and even the O.E Tri-Coil for MusicMan basses.

They also have their own signature line that utilize the Bartolini and EMG shapes and include the massive Big Single, muscular Big Split, complex Dual Coil, unique Fat Stack, and even a new design for those that prefer a rail/blade approach with the Dual Blade Neo models. These pickups are built in 4, 5, and 6-String configurations and can be custom spaced depending on the model for your build.

Nordstrand pickups can be found on such high end boutique builders including Sadowsky, Valenti, Roscoe, Modulus, Brubaker, Clement, Mayones, Mike Lull, Jerome Little, Overwater, New York Bass Works, SEI, Stambaugh, Wilkins, and Tino Tedesco. You can also find Nordstrand electronics on O.E manufacturers models from Ibanez, and Warwick as well.

  1. Nordstrand BigRig 6 String

    $156.00 - $312.00
    Nordstrand BigRig 6 String
    BigRig The BigRig 6 is a pickup came about very organically, as a result of a conversation with bassist Alberto Rigoni. A dual 51 P style pickup, one pole per string, was the initial concept, but offset pole pieces are iconic for Nordstrand....
  2. Nordstrand 6 String Jazz Bass

    $123.00 - $302.00
    6 String Jazz Style Pickups Uniquely sized 6 String Jazz Style pickups Please check the physical size of the pickups you want to replace to make sure the replacements fit properly. NJ6 Single coil 6 string jazz-type...
  3. Nordstrand Big Splits

    $109.00 - $312.00
    Big Splits Split Coil Humcancelling Soapbar pickups for 4, 5, & 6 String sizes These are a split coil version of the Big Single. They are very close to the Big Single tonally with a full rich pallette. They use the same...
  4. Nordstrand Big Singles

    $88.00 - $274.00
    *Soapbar sized Single Coil*
    Big Singles Single Coil Soapbar pickups for 4, 5, & 6 String sizes These pickups are all about huge, full, loud, aggressive single coil tone. They use the same magnet layout as the Fat Stack, and the resultantly big coil...
  5. Nordstrand Jazzbars

    $84.00 - $240.00
    Jazz Bar Soap Bar Jazz Style Bass Pickups for 4, 5, & 6 String sizes the jazz bar pickup line (jb series) makes available all the standard nordstrand jazz style pickups in the most popular soapbar size covers. Jazz...
  6. Nordstrand 5 and 6-String Fat Stacks

    Regular Price: $131.00

    Special Price $117.90 - $312.00

    Fat Stacks Stacked Coil Humcancelling Soapbar pickups for 5, & 6 String sizes These are a proprietary Nordstrand design. The traditional bi-pole magnet layout was, literally, twisted in a new direction. By rotating the...
  7. Nordstrand Dingwall FD3

    $152.00 - $336.00
    FD3 Soap Bar Offset Split Coil Bass Pickups for 4, 5, & 6 String sizes These pickups are a result of a conversation Carey had with Sheldon Dingwall shortly after the 2013 namm show. The idea was to offer the great unique pickups...
  8. Nordstrand Dual Blades

    $99.00 - $248.00
    Dual Blade Dual Blade Humbucking Soapbar pickups for 4, 5, & 6 String sizes This is a modern design dual blade humbucking pickup. It features four NEO magnets paired with three steel blades. This provides an even string...
  9. Nordstrand Big Blades

    $91.50 - $284.00
    Big Blades Big Blade Soapbar Bass Pickup Big Blade is a result of the pursuit of a continuous sensing blade style pickup whose tone brings with it the huge, rich, and powerful characteristics so well established by our famous Big...
  10. Nordstrand CND for Ibanez Replacements

    $118.04 - $168.20
    *Replacement Pickups for Ibanez Basses*
    This pickup is sized perfectly for replacement of "Carey Nordstrand Designed" pickups that are found on some Ibanez basses. These pickups do not include a plastic cover. You will need to use the original pickup cover that is found on the bass. Some...