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Nordstrand pickups was founded by Carey Nordstrand with the goal to build pickups, and electronics for their own personal builds and to inspire others in their musical pursuits.

Carey's view on building, both electronics and guitars, is simple. It boils down to skill, experience, and ingeniuity and not some 'voodoo' or 'magic'. Many of the experienced building skills come from years in the music industry. Carey Nordstrand has worked in high profile shops including Azola Basses, and Suhr Guitars. The experienced gained at these locations is what laid the framework for the inqenuity that Nordstrand uses in their current lineup.

Offering both pickups and 2 or 3-band onboard preamps, Nordstrand grew from only a small group of individuals, to a full scale production company employing a tight knit group of skilled professionals.

Their pickups are built on a vintage paradigm. What this translates to is a pickup that will have a great deal of warmth in contrast to the modern-hi design. Their pickups utilize vintage spec'd components including Alnico V magnets that create a very open and responsive pickup to highlight the players the dynamics in the players attack.

Nordstrand produces a wide array of pickups in standard Jazz Bass, and P-Bass styles for 4 and 5-String as well as their unique signature designs including sizes for Bartolini BC, P2, P4, and EMG 35,40, and 45. They are also able to handle custom pickup orders. This is not a service you would commonly find in a pickup manufacturer. They can over, underwind, and even build neck and bridge sets that utlized custom spaced pole pieces for your personal build.

Their preamps are a unique solution to those in search of further tonal manipulation of their sound. Combined with Nordstrand pickups, the 2-band or 3-band preamp is their to assist in tone shaping and not injecting its own personality. Their design uses high quality Op-Amp's (IC's) to allow tone shaping without contouring the natural feel of your pickups. When the EQ is set flat and toggled between active and passive their is little to any noticeable changes in town albeit a small amount of gain increase.

Nordstrand pickups and preamps can be found on such high end boutique builders including Sadowsky, Valenti, Roscoe, Modulus, Brubaker, Clement, Mayones, Mike Lull, Jerome Little, Overwater, New York Bass Works, SEI, Stambaugh, Wilkins, and Tino Tedesco. You can also find Nordstrand electronics on O.E manufacturers models from Ibanez, and Warwick as well.