R.Cocco RC4GN

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4 string, Nickel (45, 65, 85, 105)

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We can tell you that our R.Cocco strings are the finest hand-made bass strings available and that we use the highest quality materials to ensure balanced tension from the highest string to the lowest string, giving even tone, precise intonation, and reliable tuning; or you can just read what some of our artists have to say.

"R. Cocco strings are simply Great!!! They sound wonderful in the studio or live and last a very long time. I love them!" - Al Turner

"R.Cocco strings sound sweet from begining to end. These strings are a big part of my sound." - Booker King

"The feel and tone of the R.Cocco strings is better than any of the other countless brands of strings I've tried." - Wally Hustin

The R.Cocco winding method ensures a long lasting string that retains its brightness and only we know the secret. What are you waiting for? Try a set and join the good tone club.

Our RC4G set is our best-selling 4 string nickel set! Available also in stainless steel and extra long sets.


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