Stellartone ToneStyler Bass Eleven

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Stellartone Bass Eleven
The Bass Eleven offers eleven discrete tone settings with the eleventh setting as a "true bypass". The maximum capacitance is 0.1µF
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Stellartone ToneStyler

The ToneStyler® is an advanced drop-in replacement for the standard tone pots in electric guitars and basses. Easily installed in minutes without any modifications to the instrument, the ToneStyler dramatically improves the tone and versatility of any bass with passive pickups. Plus, the ToneStyler fits your bass’s original tone knob, so your tone upgrade is invisible!

Your old tone pot is a "low-pass filter"; it has only one capacitor, which offers only one roll off point, chosen just above the bass frequencies and string fundamental pitches. Due to this very simple design, passive tone pots act as "mid+treble volume controls"... reducing the loudness of all combined harmonics heard above the bass tones, all at the same time! To make matters worse, the tone pot's large value capacitor loads the pickups at all tone knob settings, which reduces your mid-range clarity and signal level.

In sharp contrast, the revolutionary ToneStyler has not one, but an array of six to eleven selectable capacitors and roll-off points. For the first time, players can adjust the frequency of the roll-off point... not simply the combined loudness of all mids+highs! You choose how much treble to retain... how much mid-range to retain... and exactly where to cut these harmonics off. Plus, the ToneStyler's small value capacitors greatly reduce pickup loading; this noticeably boosts your bass’s clarity and output level.

Powerful and precise control of treble & mid frequencies is provided at last... and that weak, muddy sound is completely eliminated!

The Bass Eleven

The Stellartone Bass Eleven is a Eleven-Position High-Impedance passive tone shaping circuit with zero noise, distortion, compression or clipping.

The Bass Eleven offers eleven discrete tone settings with the eleventh setting as a "true bypass". The maximum capacitance is 0.1µF

The Bass Eleven is recommended for single pickup instruments, two pickup instruments that utilize the correct type of no load blend control , or instruments with two tone controls that have controls mounted through the body.

Blend Control Available Here


  • Heavy-Duty Mil-Spec Rotary switches with Gold Contacts and Terminals (Mfg. by Grayhill)
  • 0.235" Solid Splined shaft. Fits USA 24-Spline Push-On Knobs(Gibon®), 1/4" Set Screw knobs, or 6mm Knobs.
  • U.S Standard 3/8" -32 diameter x 1/2" mid-length bushings, for mounting through instrument surfaces up to 3/8" thick. Compact .875" (7/8") diameter footprint is slightly-smaller than a standard (15/16”) full-sized CTS potentiometer.
  • Compact 15/16" Diameter (Same size as Full-Size CTS Pot)
  • Low Profile (Only Requires 7/8" Depth for Installation)
  • Molded-in Low Capacitance Shielded Mogami Cable
  • High-impedance passive analog tone circuitry with zero noise, distortion, compression or clipping
  • ELEVEN position ToneStylers feature one tone pot emulation circuit in position #10 (adjacent to "true bypass" position #11) which precisely duplicates the tonality of either a 500kΩ .022μF tone pot (G-11) or a 250kΩ .047μF tone pot (B-11) when set wide-open.
  • Solid-Splined bronze alloy tip omits the traditional "split-shaft" slot; 24-fine-splines for U.S.A. push-on knobs and 6mm hole metric set-screw knobs; for 1/4" hole U.S.A. set-screw knobs, add the supplied 1/4" brass sleeve.
  • Low-profile metalized polymer module requires only 0.825" depth (21mm) inside the bass’s control compartment (typically 1.0" to 1.4" depth). Check your clearances before purchase!

The Bass Eleven and Triple Six models are intended to be used for control plans which utilize either a single pickup volume and master tone (P-Bass), or a master volume + blend + tone (J-Bass).

ToneStylers are not compatible with low-impedance or active pickups, but can be utilized with passive pickups and some onboard preamps if staged before the input on the preamp.


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Verified Buyer
#1 best thing you can do for your passive P!!!
By Mark J. (Jon) Rochner from on 9/27/2016
This is the very best device to upgrade a passive bass tone circuit. Great reggae tone when completely rolled off. Very sub-like!
Only one drawback... Soldering it in. Luckily, my luthier is doing the install, so I can't screw it up.
Highly recommended!
Verified Buyer
Fabulous tone shaper
By S. Fiorenza from on 7/14/2016
I installed this ToneStyler Bass Eleven into an Xaviere P-Bass copy, and although I haven't yet upgraded the stock pickups, with the ToneStyler, I don't have to in order to get phenomenal tone and many usable options out of this bass. I had no trouble installing this in place of the stock tone pot. In fact, I upgraded all of the electronics (I added a CTS volume pot, a Switchcraft output jack, and all new wiring) when I added this ToneStyler, and the upgrade was a remarkable difference! I may add one to another Jazz Bass I am eyeing, as I know the improvement will pay off. Get one of these right away for a great passive tone option to make your bass come alive!
Verified Buyer
By Mr Man from on 6/2/2016
I'd been eyeing this tonestyler for a while before ordering it. I have an excellent Squier CV bass (actually a Matt Freeman sig) that I've been modifying to heck (pickups, tuners, vol pot) and even though it sounded really good, I liked the idea of having tone presets. I play songs that require tonal variations (grindy punk to thick reggae) and the guesswork with a traditional tone pot was annoying. Now I can click the tonestyler to predetermined positions to get the exact sounds I'm after. The actual tones are not ones that I can get from the original tone pot either. There are midrange bumps and cuts that make multiple sounds. I like that there are ten tones and an open setting. I can start in the middle and roll it forward or back one or two clicks and it makes real differences. The bass seems to stay intact and the midrange characters for each setting seem useable. It wont take long to learn what tones go with what song I'm playing. If I decide to put in in another bass it will be a simple process, even tough I gotta use my soldering skills.
Get one. It's a cool thing.
Verified Buyer
great addition to a P bass
By Bill from on 3/10/2016
Along with a Nordstrand vintage P pick up, I put the Stellartone 11 into upgrading a roadworn P bass. The bass was $550 so for well under $1000 total I feel the bass sounds as good as any vintage P bass I've heard plus the Tonestyler gives many added tonal dimensions not common in a vintage P bass. If I could put in a nutshell what the Stellartone 11 seems to do I'd say that it seems to take each notched setting and bump a mid frequency starting very low (around 200 hz or lower I'd say) and boost selected points thru out the mids spectrum until the 10th position which I'm guessing is a bump around 1.5 or 2 K. The 11th position maybe a bypass. I can't explain how it's been done but somehow there is no "clackiness" in the sounds special where the upper mid frequencies are boosted make all 11 positions very usable. For me personally the positions where the mids are boosted in the middle of the spectrum are just too "oinky" and I've tended to gravitate towards sounds in the lower and upper ends of the knob. In fact I've found one position that I'll probably use 90% of the time.
Verified Buyer
Stellartone Tonestyler B11
By Chuck L. from on 12/11/2015
I installed the Stellartone Tonestyler B11 unit in my P-bass and it sounds great! Well worth the price.