Stellartone ToneStyler Standard Duo Six Short

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Stellartone Standard Duo Six Short

Out of Production

The manufacturer no longer makes this product. Where applicable the newer version of the product or something comparable is shown below.


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Standard Duo Six Short

Features Six-position capacitance array range: true bypass to .022uF

Intended for electric guitars with dual volumes and one master tone, such as Gibson Flying V and most Gretsch models, see Standard Duo Six

These units are intended to fit models with control plate, scratch plate, or pick guard control mounting that utilize 1/4"set screw knobs.


The all new Standard Duo-Six features:

  • Heavy-duty mil-spec rotary switches with gold contacts and terminals,made in the U.S.A. by Grayhill, Inc.
  • 1/4" solid "D" shaft (with a flat for ease in indexing set-screw knobs)
  • U.S. Standard 3/8"-32 diameter x 5/16" Mid-Length bushings, for mounting through instrument surfaces no thicker than 3/16"
  • The traditional and popular "notched rotation" mechanical design
  • New compact cylindrical shape has the same 15/16" diameter as a standard full-sized CTS potentiometer
  • Low-profile solid-cast metalized epoxy module requires only 7/8" depth in the control compartment
  • Molded-in low capacitance shielded cable by Mogami
  • High-impedance passive analog tone circuitry with zero noise, distortion, compression or clipping
  • Complete with mounting hardware and instructions
  • 100% hand-wired and manufactured in the U.S.A. by Stellartone

Question: Where Can I Buy a Stellartone ToneStyler Standard Duo Six Short?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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