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Zero Mod 4003 Ric Thumbrest Black

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1/4" Thick Thumbrest for RickenBacker 4003

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If you are a fingerstyle player with a Rickenbacker 4003, you know there is no really good place to"hang your thumb" - You see many Rics with a wear spot at the corner of the pickguard, where players try to"dig in", and many Rics with the chrome cover removed from the bridge pickup to allow finger style access.I designed this for my own 4003 as I wanted to make it more comfortable to play and keep the "cover on" as the classic look that is a big part of this bass for many Ric fans.

This thumb rest is made out of 1/4" thick high quality dead clear polycarbonate,and precision CNC made in a machine shop here in the USA.The position and design mean NO NEW HOLES in your bass! Includes two Fender-style pick guard screws which are somewhat longer than the stock Ric screws,so you do not even change the screw holes by adding this on.


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Great device, poor brand name placement.
By Dave
Great device, my only complaint is I wish it didn't say "Zero Mod" on the face of the thumb rest. I understand they are trying to get their product noticed, but turning every customer's guitar into a walking billboard is lousy. My Rickenbacker already has one too many Brand names on it. Maybe I'm just a grump who hates advertising. I do prefer this thumb rest to the "Treble Bezzle cove".