Zero Mod Music Man Stingray Bass Thumb Rest Black

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This thumb rest is made out of high quality dead clear polycarbonate or solid black acrylic, and precision CNC made in a machine shop here in the USA. The position and design mean NO NEW HOLES in your bass! Includes two pick guard screws which are slightly longer than the stock Music Man screws, so you do not even change the screw holes by adding this on.

This model should fit most Ernie Ball Music Man 4 string basses and Sterling by Music Man SUB Ray4 basses. Please see the picture above with the guard outline measurements to verify your pickguard screw pattern and spacing will allow the Zero-Mod SR1 to fit.

Your guard must have the two holes in the same locations as the guard in the picture, with a screw center to center distance of 70mm apart. It WILL NOT FIT any other pattern.

This model DOES fit the Ernie Ball Music Man Classic Stingray 5 string with the oval style guard - Please check the sizing picture to confirm your fit.

This model DOES NOT fit the American EBMM "SUB" or "Sterling" -- models for those basses will be coming out soon.


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Perfect thumb rest
By Brian Cook from on 7/25/2016
I was in search of a way to add a thumb rest to my musicman without having to drill hole in the bass. This zero mod is perfect. Perfect fit using the existing pick guard holes, allows me to play closer up on the neck for a more round sound, and is basically invisible while being played. This is an excellent invention for musicians wanting a traditional thumb rest on a bass that isn't made for one. Great product, I would recommend this to everyone who searches for a comfortable place to rest that thumb.