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We receive entries both from builders and from those who had bass guitars custom built for them. If your bass was not built by you, choose No.

If you answered "No" above, who built the bass for you? If you answered "Yes" above, leave blank

Please include the full name and contact information of the individual or shop that built your bass for you. If you are not sure whether the builder wants his information publicized, please contact him first and ask.

* What is the BRAND NAME of your bass?

An example brand name is "Fender" or "Jackson". If you are the builder, use your full name or just your last name as the brand name. If you are not the builder, use the builder's full name.

* What is the MODEL NAME of the bass?

An example of a model name is "Precision Bass" or "Jazz Bass". If the bass does not have a model name, use the date-of-build in YYMM style. For example, if the bass was built in January 2013, the model name would be 1301. If the bass is a "work in progress", use the last known modification date for the model name.

* Is this bass fretted or fretless?

* Please tell us the story of this build. What was the inspiration for it? What woods is it made out of? What pickups and electronics are being used? Is it a passive or active electronics system? The more detailed you are, the better!

* Please upload AT LEAST FIVE HIGH-QUALITY IMAGES with at least one image showing the ENTIRE BASS
(Maximum size allowed per image is 4MB)

If you have a YOUTUBE VIDEO DEMO of your bass, please enter the address here, else leave blank

Example addresses:

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