[Bass of the Week] ’51 Fender Precision Bass copy

The feature bass this week is a nice take on a ’51 Fender Precision Bass copy.

’51 P bass that I’ve been building over the last few weeks. One piece swamp ash body. Fender neck, Schaller nickel tuners, Schaller nickel strap buttons, Solid Brass high mass bridge modified for string through body, Seymour Duncan Hot pickup, Fender pots, Old fender knobs, Home made control plate, Ten coats of Danish Oil, Ten coats of gunstock oil.

Sounds fantastic, Very punchy even with two year old Dunlop flats, Smooth and warm with the tone rolled off, This ones a keeper. Very lightweight at 7.5 lbs. Delighted with it.

Well done!

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9 thoughts on “[Bass of the Week] ’51 Fender Precision Bass copy

  1. Very nice work! I have been looking for a bass like this for a long time and am jealous that you have one these……love the simplicity of the design, light weight, string thru capability, high mass bridge and overall warmth of the instrument – Kudo’s!

  2. Niall… Very nice work!! This is a gorgeous instrument, I like your style… sometimes less is more, you nailed it. I recently did a 5 string build, I submitted it for ‘bass of the week’, we’ll see if I’m able to meet your standards!? Once again… excellent work.

  3. The holy grail, the origenal P bass!! Beautiful! Almost looks like the kitchen table underneath. Bass is more important then food. My sentiments exactly!

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