Bass of the Week: Patrick Conway’s Dawg Bass

This week’s BotW comes from Patrick Conway and his custom built Dawg bass from Bootleg Guitars and Basses.

“This is the finest instrument I have ever played,” Patrick says, and we believe him. Here’s what Jon Hill from Bootleg Basses had to say about his build:

The new Dawg Bass is all about business. People that know me know that I deal on a strickly professional level and I don’t mean rock stars, I mean keeping your tools of the trade an afterthought so you can focus on pleasing the crowds, which in turn makes everybody happy!

The quality of the wood selection is where its at for me. How it’s cut, how old was the tree, how was it dried … I could go on, but woodworking is clearly a passion of mine. People ask me all the time what is my favorite part about building a guitar ? So for me, I love knowing when it see the right pieces of woods, I can start imaging how its going to come together and I know it will be perfect when its finished. Perfect Tone, Perfect Balance, Perfect Feel, Perfect bass.




Bridge: Hipshot B style, solid brass 3/4″ SS
Pickups: Bartolini Active/Passive Pickup
Fingerboard: Quarter Sawn Maple, 24 Fret 16″ Radius
Truss Rod: Single action, Made In USA
Headstock: 4 in line
Scale: 35″
Nut: Solid brass 1.5″
Frets: Jumbo / Jescar
Inlay: Black Dot, 6mm
Body: Solid Maple
Pick Guard: Red Ebony
Pots: CTS, 500K
Output Jack: Switchcraft
Strings: 100, 80, 65, 45 Nickel
Finish: Gunstock oil / Semi-Gloss Headstock


Add here’s a great video of the shaping of the neck:

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  1. Ich liebe4ugele mit der Fender Standard Tele oder eben der American Special Tele.Leider konnte ich die Special noch nicht ansteten. Kann mir jemand mal den Unterschied, bzw. Vor und Nachteile der beiden Modelle nennen? Ich we4re sehr dankbar

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