[Bass of the Week] Witkowski Custom Guitars B5-35 Custom

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Marek Witkowski is the builder this week for this week’s feature bass guitar, the B5-35 Custom. And while the build keeps a simple, clean look, it’s packed with features (such as a compound radius fingerboard and having 26 frets).

Marek (info@witkowskiguitars.com) writes:

This is custom built model. The B5-35 Custom specification is:

scale: 35” (889mm)

construction: neck thru

body: Swamp Ash

neck: 5x maple/ebony, reinforced with carbon fibre

fingerboard: maple radius: 12”-16”

frets: 26 Jumbo

pickups: Nordstrand NJ5FS (neck), MM5.4 (bridge)

controls: Preamp John East J-Retro 01 Deluxe

bridge: Hipshot (strings thru body)

tuners: Hipshot B6Y Ultralite

finish: oil/wax






Note to those who didn’t see it: The thin block fret markers just above the 5 string are a very nice touch. Subtle, but does the job nicely.

Well done, Marek!

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19 thoughts on “[Bass of the Week] Witkowski Custom Guitars B5-35 Custom

  1. There are so many things to love about this instrument. I love the clean look of a fretboard without markers, and the small markers are a great look for a compromise. Absolutely one of my favorite looks in a bass I have seen in a long time.

  2. Love, love, love the simplicity and elegance. This represents my favorite esthetic: a clean look can still be premium and packed with player-friendly features.

  3. There’s surely a super nice growl and sustain with the maple/ebony/carbon neck and throaty mids with the swamp ash. The headstock could have looked more original other than the Fender style but anyway it is a nice design… 8/10

  4. I would not have characterized that bass as simple myself but since others do, well, if this bass is simple then simple is great!

  5. She’s Hired!!!! I got to add this one to my family of basses. Great looking Axe I’m sure this baby is already to sit with the big dog bottom line now is, how does it sound and we have a winner.

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