[Bass of the Week] CHC Guitars T5Deuce

(Yes, we are aware of the missing 5 string, that is how the builder submitted his bass to us.)

The feature bass this week is a builder’s take on a modernized Tele style bass.

Builder Christopher Cordova writes:

Body is my take on a modern Tele style bass. Body is made of Swamp Ash, open grain with matte black finish. Neck is Flame maple with Rosewood fingerboard. Evo fret wire, double action Truss w/access at the heel top, oil and wax back finished in roasted aquafortis. Custom black and white inlay dots, Graphtech Nut, Hipshot tuners, Gotoh bridge w/brass saddles, Aguilar Humbucker in both neck and bridge with OBP-2 preamp. Clear acrylic pickguard gold and black accent hardware

Well done!

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5 thoughts on “[Bass of the Week] CHC Guitars T5Deuce

  1. Looks great! I have a question…I’ve been considering building a Tele style bass but am concerned with the balance of it. Is this a neck diver or does it hang pretty well from a strap?

  2. Same question as gfunk….is it for sale….I love the tele style and the color . Perhaps I could get you to do a four string in that color and body shape. I’m a certified tech but currently disabled or I’d build one close to it myself. Never thought I’d see anything I love right off the bat like I do my Lincluthier. Nice, nice job! Only thing I didn’t really care for was having one knob different from the others but no biggy.
    Congrats on a nicely done instrument.

  3. I just noticed you said color is matte black …on three different computers the pic show the most gorgeous blue! I don’t even know what color blue to call it but I’d sure like to find some.

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