[Bass of the Week] Monfette Yorick’s bass

This is a bass inspired by the video game League of Legends. Very nice construction throughout.

Builder Yvan Monfette from Monfette Guitars writes:

This bass is inspired by the very popular computer game “League of Legends”. In fact, it is inspired by one of its characters : Yorick. This character uses a crazy-looking bass to fight his enemies. My son being a very active player of the game, I decided to materialize it.

The body of that bass is made of white ash and the neck is a 3-pieces Canadian maple.
It is equipped with Dimarzio pickups. DP147 for the neck and DP148 for the bridge. They drive the white ash body perfectly giving good highs.

Because of the skull, I needed a headless system. I’ve found out that the headless system from Hipshot was just perfect for that bass.

It took me two years to complete that project. I’ve worked on it little by little between my different orders.

Well done!

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9 thoughts on “[Bass of the Week] Monfette Yorick’s bass

  1. Congratulations, very very nice, i´ve seen others like this, but this one´s by far the best.
    If someone make the movie they can use this bass.

  2. Imagine this on stage at a Taylor Swift concert. I think this could make some great waves in a non metal band. That being said though I think Gene Simmons would be the perfect person to wield this awesome looking piece! I don’t generally like radical body shapes but I love this bass. I like the skull the only headless bass I’ve ever seen that I like!!!

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