[Bass of the Week] Stellaria CUSTOM Stellaria J

The feature bass this week is made from korina, which is typically not an easy wood to work with.

Builder Wesley Wilson writes:

One piece Korina, covered with an image of the Carina nebula. The headstock is overlayed with an image of the Cats Eye nebula. The pickups are Wilde Bill Lawrence’s J45’s. They are truly outstanding pickups. Stellartone Tonestyler multi capacitor tone pots, Bourns Model 95 volume pots, wired as standard Jazz bass wiring with v-t,v-t. Knobs are Q-parts. Bridge is A style Hipshot with through string body option, and Hipshot Ultralight tuning machines.

The nut is nickel-silver which allows open strings to sound closer to fretted strings. DR Sunbeams 45-105 strings.

I have been using this idea for awhile. All mine instruments feature the stellar images and are built with Stellartone Tonestylers. This the first bass. The radius of the bass edge made this more challenging to finish, but it came out very well.

Well done!

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18 thoughts on “[Bass of the Week] Stellaria CUSTOM Stellaria J

  1. Nice bass. I don’t care about the “nebula” image at all. Sorry, just me. It looks like
    the final coat/paint was not properly mixed resulting in some pigment reaction or something. Just imaging explaining the “nebula” to everybody looking at it with a puzzled look.

    • The photos don’t/can’t show the 3D look you get when you see it. It sold very quickly once the buyer saw it. I have gotten the same reaction as yours from the photos, but when they see it is more alive. Thank you for the comment. It plays and sounds very well.

  2. This bass is GORGEOUS. I would love to hear it- it must be so light, and yet, sound so good. Please post a video!

  3. I don’t think the paint on the neck at the heel looks right. Looks like an attempt to cover up a wood defect or a mistake.

    • I have been doing that for the last few builds. It is because the head stock burst is hard to do without painting the back of the head stock. I added the heel paint just to match the head stock. I wasn’t a fan at first either, and it will be up to the purchaser as all my builds are custom to their needs. All my builds will all have the stellar theme, with Stellartone tone pots…Thank you

  4. Hey Wes:
    Lovely bass, I’m sure it one of those “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it” sorts of situations, but I have to ask…. what does something like that put a guy back.

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