[Bass of the Week] Stellaria CUSTOM Stellaria J

The feature bass this week is made from korina, which is typically not an easy wood to work with.

Builder Wesley Wilson writes:

One piece Korina, covered with an image of the Carina nebula. The headstock is overlayed with an image of the Cats Eye nebula. The pickups are Wilde Bill Lawrence’s J45’s. They are truly outstanding pickups. Stellartone Tonestyler multi capacitor tone pots, Bourns Model 95 volume pots, wired as standard Jazz bass wiring with v-t,v-t. Knobs are Q-parts. Bridge is A style Hipshot with through string body option, and Hipshot Ultralight tuning machines.

The nut is nickel-silver which allows open strings to sound closer to fretted strings. DR Sunbeams 45-105 strings.

I have been using this idea for awhile. All mine instruments feature the stellar images and are built with Stellartone Tonestylers. This the first bass. The radius of the bass edge made this more challenging to finish, but it came out very well.

Well done!

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