[Bass of the Week] Studio 63 Headless 36 fret

The feature bass this week is a very nice take on a headless design with 36 frets, all stainless!

(Note: There is a video below the images so you can hear what it sounds like.)

Owner Rod Jost writes:

I own a Steinberger headless bass and love the design. I love graphite carbon fiber necks. I own two modulus basses. So I decided to build my own with the good help my friend Andy Browning. We were going to attempt to build a graphite but decided that going with Moses graphite would be a much better build. Really enjoyed the process of building these two basses. They play like a dream the action is very low. Love the tone it has a somewhat of a growly fretless sound due to the fact where the pickups are placed in the body. The bodies are made out of Ash. Mosesgraphite custom necks built to my specks. 36 stainless steel frets. 34 inch scale length. Bartolini pickups purchased from Bestbassgear


Well done!

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23 thoughts on “[Bass of the Week] Studio 63 Headless 36 fret

  1. Loved the shape and design of these basses. Are those Steinberger bridges? Bill Delap who built Allan Holdsworth’s guitar before Carvin used Ted Steinberger bridges.

  2. Man, those basses are beautiful! The fact that you have 36 frets gives you that nice extended range without having to change the tuning or get a 5 or 6 string. Sounds nice in the mix as well.

  3. Great! Sound was really good–love the tune and the style of the playing too–well done on all counts; building the basses, and playing that way!

  4. I love them. I did a similar project in the 80’s using a Steinberger bolt on and modified ash body. Mine didn’t pan out.

  5. They are very nice looking basses except they have no head stocks. Headless basses look like they have been decapitated to me and always have. You might want to consider getting a bass player to play underneath the bass player while he plays lead.

  6. Excellent construction and a 4 STRING, very good styling and very precise and tuneful playing.
    I think you have achieved something very special and I wish you very enjoyable times with your quite unique Basses.

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