[Bass of the week] Witas Green Monster Jazz Bass

This week’s feature bass started with an idea based off the pick guard.

Builder Richard Witas writes:

I was just in the Internet for parts like I normally do and I came across a crazy looking pick guard. When I saw the picture I Immediately purchased it and told myself I have to build a bass around this pick guard.

I source most of the parts off of the Internet. The body is Ash, which is my favorite tone wood. I staind it with a water based green stain and Then used a light coat of black stain to make the grain really pop. I hand rubbed 10 Coats of Tung oil to give it a matte finish. The neck came on finished so I gave it 10 Coats of Tung oil as well. I find the tung oil does not affect the overall tone of the instrument as much as a hard finish.

I dropped to Seymour Duncan quarter pound jazz bass pickups into this and put them up to it custom wired Variax circuit for maximum tonal capabilities and control. The bridge is an original Leo Quan Badass 3 bridge that I was saving for a cool build. The tuners are Hipshot Ultra-Lites. An original Fender neck plate adorns the guitar as well. And original Fender neck plate adorns the guitar as well as a roller string tree. When I do a build I always try to do something a little different with each guitar so on this build I installed flush mount Jim Dunlop strap locks.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy building and playing this Monster instrument!

Well done!

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2 thoughts on “[Bass of the week] Witas Green Monster Jazz Bass

  1. UPDATE!!!!
    I switched out the Leo Quan Badass 3 for a new Hipshot Kickass bridge because I was not happy with the string spacing. Problem solved and it still plays like butter!!!!

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