VOX amPhone Bass Headphones – Cool Or Dumb?

VOX’s amPhone series is a set of headphones which literally puts an amplifier inside the headset. And, as it turns out, there’s a bass model.

Even Victor Wooten did a video on it:

I was thinking to myself, “Y’know… I’ve seen this tech somewhere before…”

Then I remember, yeah I did. It was called the Rockman “Bass Ace”:


A lot of you from seeing the above are going to think, “OH, YEAH! I remember those things!” Yep.

Well, the VOX amPhone is basically the same thing – but is it any better than the Rockman was?

I can answer that one easily: Yes, it is.

The way the VOX headphones do amp modeling is without question far and above better than what the Rockman box was capable of, as the VOX does use far superior modeling technology, combined with the fact the headphones are made from Audio-Technica, so you’re genuinely getting something that actually sounds good both for modeling and headphone audio quality.

Have you tried the VOX amPhone Bass headphones (or do you know someone that has)?

We’d be interested in hearing your opinion on it.

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