Adding vintage style bridge cover, pickup cover and thumb rest to a Precision Bass

There are many bassists who would immediately say “WHY would you do this?”, especially considering there is a zero-modification option where the thumb rest is concerned.

The answer is that adding on bridge and pickup covers and a thumb rest to a Fender bass is done mostly for appearance. True, there are some bassists who actually prefer a bass with these items installed. But for the most part, those who add on this stuff just want the vintage Fender look.

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Drilling is required if using a stock pick guard

As you will see in the video below, drilling wasn’t necessary for the bridge cover but was required for the pickup cover and thumb rest.

Measure and mark first

Obviously, you need to measure where the holes are supposed to go and mark before drilling.

Yes, this is easy, but it’s mainly for looks

Compared to other bass modifications, these are simply appearance mods. Performance of the instrument isn’t improved. A simple example of a mod that would improve the instrument would be the installation of Hipshot tuners.

But still, if you’re going after the vintage Fender look, adding the covers is a doable thing.

Very important note: When you put holes in the body, there’s no going back. With the pick guard, you can simply buy another one to do your mods to, and if you don’t like it, you can always reinstall the original guard. But with body holes, it’s permanent unless you have the necessary skills to fill, color match and smooth over holes in wood.

A video example of these mods

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