[Bass of the Week] White Whale Seawolf

The feature bass this week was inspired by two of the builder’s favorite bass players.

Builder Augusto Sanchez from White Whale Guitars writes:

The inspiration for this bass was born in the idea of making an hybrid that two of my favourite bassist could use: Stuart Zender and Les Claypool.

Body woods are: walnut on top, mahogany in the middle and swamp ash in the back.

Neck woods are: wenge and ebony -fretboard-.

Pickups are Delano Hybrid humbucker for bridge position, and Delano Split Coil -paired for hybrid pickup- in neck. Preamp used is Delano Sonar 3 with a blend and toggle switch. And it’s both: active and passive. In passive mode pick ups are split coil and J, in active mode pickups are split coil and humbucker.

Well done!

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3 thoughts on “[Bass of the Week] White Whale Seawolf

  1. I’m curious about how the neck meets the body. I love the shape and the contours. I don’t suppose you’re selling this one?

  2. Beautiful, I bet that extended upper horn gets rid of any neck dive issues. Lovely. Any chance you can at least youtube or Soundcloud us with some sound examples?

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