[Bass of the Week] Alan Gruskoff Custom Fretless

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The feature bass this week shows how much you can save when you do it yourself!

Builder Alan Gruskoff writes:

I bought an unfinished bass guitar body made of solid mahogany with a spalted & flamed top. After much sanding, I applied two coats of Behlen vinyl sealer for stringed instruments. Next, after some light sanding / steel wool, I applied 6 coats of Behlen stringed instrument lacquer, a little steel wool polishing – it’s done.

The wood is quite spectacular as vinyl sealer really brought out the grains. After lacquer, it’s a very smooth, natural matte finish that feels like the fine wood it is. It’s just what I was hoping for. I am thrilled at being able to do this myself. Local shops wanted $400-500 for what I did on this job for about $50 in supplies.

I had been playing a 2002 MIM Jazz Bass for a while. I basically replaced the body with this fine woods body, after I did the finishing.  It has an AllParts (Japan) neck with solid ebony fingerboard, Hipshot tuners & KickAss bridge, Nordstrand pickups and Richter JB Control Plate. I really like the sound of LaBella 750N (Black Nylon) strings. The black on black look is so appropriate for a fretless, to me.

Well done!

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14 thoughts on “[Bass of the Week] Alan Gruskoff Custom Fretless

  1. That’s a smokin’ looking bass… OMG! How do you like the Nordstrands? I’ve been eyeing those up for a while…

  2. Wow, I’m planning on building a Jazz bass as well. Im also interested in hearing whare you picked up the body.

  3. Great Job!!! You may have inspired me to follow in your footsteps. I have been seriously considering starting a fretless J-bass. It seems your efforts turned out A+. I would love to hear how it sounds!

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