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Richter Electronics

High-end quality electronics manufactured and engineered in Germany by Andreas Richter.

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  1. Richter PB-1 Preamp/Booster

    Linear precision Amplifier for E-guitar and - bass
    The RICHTER PB-1 onboard Booster is an linear precision Amplifier for E-guitar and - bass. It provides a trim pot for the adjustment of the gain (0 to 18 dB) and an outstanding audio performance by careful design and the use of the best components...
  2. Richter Solderless Volume Control

    Richter Volume Control Richter 250kA (log) solderless volume control. Same Volume control found on BassXX preamps Single set of screw terminals for wiring connections
  3. Richter PB-VT Passive Control Unit

    Precision Bass replacement unit with Volume, Tone
    Richter PB-VT passive replacement kit with shielding The RICHTER PB PASSIVE Control Unit is an easy mounting component for passive bass guitars like the Precision Bass™. It provides a volume and a tone pot. A shielded PCB replaces...
  4. Richter JB-VBT Passive Control Plate

    JB plate replacement for Jazz bass with Volume, Blend, Tone
    Richter JB-VBT Preamp - JB plate replacement for Jazz bass The RICHTER JB PASSIVE control plate is an easy mounting component for passive bass guitars like the Jazz Bass TM. It provides a volume pot, a balance pot and one tone control pot....
  5. Richter HA-1 Onboard Headphone Amplifier

    Outstanding Audio Performance - Low Noise Amplifier Design - Rugged and Shielded - 3.5 mm Output Jack
    HeadAmp HA-1 HeadAmp onboard The RICHTER HA-1 onboard headphone amplifier was designed for the use inside a bass or guitar. It provides low noise, smooth, full and precise signal reproduction without loosing any details on sound even in deep...
  6. Richter 3BP 1 or 2-Pickup 3-Knob 3-Band Vol - Treb/Bass P/P A/P Stack - Mid/Mid Stack

    1 or 2-pickup, 3-band, 3-knob Volume - Treble/Bass Stack (Push-Pull Active/Passive) - Midrange Stack (Parametric)
    Richter 3BP 3-band Preamp The BassXX Preamp (pronounced "Bass-ics") is a filter-based pre-amp which provides very flexible parametric EQ control with sweepable mids. Its outstanding sound performance is achieved through careful circuit...
  7. Richter MX2 Active Piezo and Magnetic Mixer

    Active Piezo and Magentic Mixer
    MX2 Active Piezo & Magnetic Pickups The Richter MX2 active mixer preamp combines two buffered high impedance inputs via a blend potentiometer to one output. In the center position - provided by a center detente - the input signals...
  8. Richter Passive Tone Control

    The passive tone pot is an additional element for BassXX products.
    Richter Passive Tone for BassXX Preamps The passive tone pot is an additional element for BassXX products. It is mounted on the basic circuit board of each BassXX-electronic.
  9. Richter JB-VVT Passive Control Plate

    JB Passive Control Plate with Shielding for Jazz Bass™ :: High Quality Dustproof Pots :: Rugged and Shielded :: :: Quick and Easy Mounting :: No Soldering Required :: The Richter JB PASSIVE control plate is an easy mounting component...
  10. Richter Blend Control

    Richter Blend Control Blend pot for Richter electronics for two magnetic pickups. It can be used in conjunction with every BassXX-preamp.
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