Rush "Digital Man" isolated bass track

If you can believe it, Rolling Stone magazine called Rush’s Signals album “mostly a wasted effort“. Crazy, but true.

Well, aside from what Rolling Stone thought, some of Geddy’s bass lines were absolutely incredible on this album. One such song that shines is Digital Man.

Here’s an isolated bass version (with drums):

And since we do sell bass parts here, you should know that if you have a Jazz Bass (even if it’s a not a Fender) and are chasing after that Geddy Lee sound, one way to get it is from Fender ’70s era style pickups. No, you don’t need to buy Fender pickups over 40 years old to get the ’70s sound. You can get them made new right here. If you have questions about whether the ’70s pickups will fit your bass or not, contact us and ask. We’ll be happy to help.

5 thoughts on “Rush "Digital Man" isolated bass track

  1. Rush is swirl of musical delight. A crescendo that burst forth on all planes, textures that are painted vividly within ones imagintion.

  2. I remember the Rolling Stone review differently…blah blah bl bl blah blah. Blah blah blah, blah blah, blah blah ba ba. Ba blah blah, ba blah blah blah…

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