[Bass of the week] Dave Caissie 1708

The feature bass this week proves you can make something great even if your wood is sourced from a national home improvement chain store. Builder Dave Caissie writes: I’ve been playing 4-string bass (fretted, fretless, upright) for 30+ years and finally got around to getting a 5-string. By getting, I mean scrounging my workshop and … Read more

Converting a 9V system to 18V system

Some preamp systems allow for the use of either 9 volts or 18 volts for power. Check the specifications for your preamp to make sure that it is recommended. Some known systems that DO allow for 9 or 18V are: Aguilar OBP2, OBP3; Bartolini NTBT 918, NTMB918, Delano (all); John East (all); ACG (all); Nordstrand … Read more

[Bass of the Week] ACS Barbara Elite Custom 5

See the business listing for this bass builder here The feature bass this week features exotic woods and some great hardware. Builder Ademir Coelho de Souza writes: The name of the bass model is a tribute to my three year old daughter “Barbara Maria”. Body: Brazilian Cedar Top: Sandwich of amapá/purple heart/amapá with Imbuia root … Read more