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Ever hear a slide bass guitar sound this good?

Or maybe the more appropriate question is, have you ever heard a slide bass guitar at all? Thumb picks and slides. Two things not ordinarily associated with the electric bass guitar… …but this is some seriously good stuff. According to the video description: Here is just a sample of my Slide Bass Guitar. This instrument… Read more »


Can you tell if a bass will have neck dive problems just by looking at it?

A big reason why so many bass players are fond of the Fender Precision Bass and Fender Jazz Bass designs (even when not made by Fender) is because those models do not have what’s known as “neck dive.” Neck dive happens when you strap on a bass guitar, and the headstock immediately leans toward the… Read more »


[Bass of the Week] Doner Designs Navy Bass

This week’s BotW is a build that involved quite a lot of different people and companies to get finished. The end result is an awesome 4-string (no, not a 2-string, if you look close, 2 of the strings are black and “hide” themselves a little bit.) Our latest project (SN 5), a Navy Aircraft Carrier… Read more »