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New Ibanez SR750 bass – what does it sound like? (video demo)

Ibanez has come out with an affordable 24-fret P/J 4-string. Comes with Nordstrand pickups (yes, really!) and has a bubinga body and neck. It also has active electronics. Watch the video below and you tell us – did Ibanez score with a winner here, or is it still lacking in some respects?


Bass using a pick – does this video get it right?

There are many instruction guides out there on playing bass using a pick, and this video is one of them. Why was this particular video chosen for this article? Mainly because the bass guitar being used is a low-cost Squier bass. It’s one thing to instruct using an expensive multi-thousand-dollar instrument. But to really show… Read more »


[Bass of the Week] Harwood 1503

This week’s feature bass was built with a little help from his friends, which fortunately included a luthier. Simon writes: Bass Spec – 5 String 34″ scale 3 piece Maple Neck Through Walnut Body Walnut Headstock veneer Spalted Maple fingerboard Bartolini 57j1 Pickups Passive circuitry (two volume and two tone) using 1meg Pots with .047uf… Read more »