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Ibanez ATK200 brings in retro styling with modern tone for a good price

Ibanez releases a nice blend of retro + modern with the ATK200 model. Looks retro with the big chrome and “woody” appearance, feels retro because of its thick neck and is modernized because of its active electronics. The only downside? As you’ll hear the presenter state in the video, this bass is 11.4 pounds in… Read more »


Hex-core vs. Round-core bass strings – which is right for you?

This is not an article about string brand, although some will be mentioned. You most likely use a very specific brand because you like the sound and feel that the string provides. Instead we’re just going to talk about hex-core and round-core, and why it matters when making your string choice. Hex-core Hex-core is literally… Read more »


[Bass of the Week] Naked Bass Hitchhiker

This bass is full of holes, but done so in a very cool way that you don’t see very often. Build Bill Woger writes: Hey there, Last year I decided to become ‘official’ by starting up the Naked Bass and Guitar Company (, a one-man custom bass and guitar shop, after building and experimenting for… Read more »