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[Bass of the Week] Mobiuscloud Instruments 1407

What happens when you combine 1951 with 1962 Fender design? Awesomeness. Matt writes: This bass was made from a chunk of Eastern Walnut I cut by hand. The neck is a single piece of maple. It is based on a 51 neck and a 62 body. It is passive using a Dimarzio DP 126 P&J… Read more »


Ibanez SR300 Bass Guitar Demo

Priced like a student bass, but has some really cool features (check out that output jack and controls with concentric knob, and notched!) For those of you out there looking for budget bass that won’t break the bank, this is pretty darned good. See the video below and let us know what you think of… Read more »


Bass guitar pickup upgrade option for the 6-string SX Ursa 2

You probably have two immediate questions just from the title of this article alone, that being: Why are we talking about the SX Ursa 2 6-string from Rondo (also in sunburst), a sub-$200 bass guitar? Why would anyone bother to buy a sub-$200 bass, only to put more than $200 worth of pickup upgrades into… Read more »