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"Bass Scratch" video

Never let it be said that a bass guitar is only limited to very specific sounds. YouTuber Alessandro Calabrese shows you can actually do a vinyl record scratch type sound just with the bass and nothing else – and it sounds pretty darned convincing. Check it out for yourself by watching the video below, then… Read more »


How to build a bass guitar – Cutting a two-dimensional profile of a neck

Laying out the dimensional outline of the neck Lines are drawn where you want to cut the neck out, involving two steps. 1. Lay out the taper of the neck. 2. Lay out the cut line for the headstock. The headstock is ordinarily taken from a template, but the neck shape is not and is… Read more »


[Bass of the Week] "Complicated" Precision Bass

This week’s feature bass was described as nothing more than a ‘Custom P Bass’, with an introductory description of, “It’s complicated. I used a team of artists for different components or finish work. I assembled, wired and adjusted.” Owner/builder Rob writes: Not too long ago, I embarked on building a Jazz style 5 string bass… Read more »