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[Bass of the Week] Doner Designs Navy Bass

This week’s BotW is a build that involved quite a lot of different people and companies to get finished. The end result is an awesome 4-string (no, not a 2-string, if you look close, 2 of the strings are black and “hide” themselves a little bit.) Our latest project (SN 5), a Navy Aircraft Carrier… Read more »


Gibson 2015 SG Standard Electric Bass Guitar

This is a video from one of our competitors, but hey, it’s a cool instrument and it’s explained well. New for this year, as is explained in the video below, is a Full Contact chrome bridge along with new fret sanding and buffing process in the build. What do you think of Gibson’s SG bass… Read more »


4 different ways to power your bass

A popular option for many bass guitar owners is to install a preamp, such as one made by John East, Glockenklang, Delano, Bartolini, Nordstrand or another manufacturer. In order for the preamp to work, you have to power it. And while there are many ways to power a bass guitar’s preamp system, here are 4… Read more »