How to build a bass guitar – The forearm contour


In this build step we shape out the forearm contour. This contour is not absolutely necessary but many bass players like it because it makes for a more comfortable playing experience whether seated or standing. Below: Guitar body, Surform file, 80-grit sandpaper, adjustable F-clamp, small sanding wood block for use as caul. Below: The line … Read more

[Bass of the Week] Singleton Sensei5


Touch Singleton from scores another BOTW with this fine build. Touch writes: Custom Made Sensei5 for NY Session Player, Ray Archie1 Piece Swamp Ash body with Quilted Maple TopFlamed Maple Neck with Bubinga BoardHipshot Bridge with Acoutiphonic SaddlesHipshot TunersAudere 4 Band Preamp Singleton/Nordstand Pickups Ghost Acoustiphonic/ Midi SystemCustom S Swirl Finish Well done! Want … Read more

The Allen wrenches you will always need at some point


There are two standards when it comes to Allen wrench measurements. Statute and metric. Where guitars and the electric bass is concerned, most of you know statute measurements as inches and feet and metric as millimeters and centimeters. Traditional luthiery uses statute measurements. For example, to this day the Fender standard long neck for electric … Read more

How to build a bass guitar – Carving the rear body contour, i.e. the "tummy cut"


In this build step, a contour is cut on the back of the body. This is a cut seen on many different basses and offers additional comfort when playing sitting or standing. Below: The tools used. Smooth cut files, rasps, surform shaver, microplane, colored sanding blocks, 80-grit sandpaper, sliding arm clamp. Below: Rear body contour … Read more