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11 ways to hold a bass guitar

Jared Dines shows beginners the 11 different ways to hold an electric bass guitar. We’re all very fortunate to have someone like this show us a very detailed, very informative video on how it’s done. This man is truly gifted.


What inlay set options are available for bass guitar fretboards?

For bass of the week feature instruments here at BBG, you’ve seen a lot of custom inlay work. And while we would all like custom inlays that look absolutely perfect, there is always the option to buy a set of inlays instead. Two things make buying an inlay set a whole lot easier. First is… Read more »


[Bass of the Week] Barton Basses BFP6

This week’s bass guitar of the week is a fretless whammy! Builder Barton Applewhite writes: 6-string fretless bass with a Kahler tremolo. It has one EMG 45TWX pickup and Hipshot Ultralight tuners. The construction is a maple neck-thru with alder wings and a ziricote fingerboard. The finish is a bronze coating with a light black… Read more »