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La Bella Olinto Bass Guitar

While at NAMM 2015, we did get the opportunity to try out the La Bella Olinto bass guitar, and yes, we can confirm it’s a great instrument. Chicago Music Exchange posted a demo of this particular bass so you can hear for yourself what it sounds like. If you’ve been shopping around for a high-end… Read more »


Modulus Quantum 5 Special Fretless – Bartolini Electronics Update

Jack Marshall sent us in this article of his bass modifications. Thanks, Jack! If you’d like to contribute your own tips-and-tricks or informational or modification article, send it on over to You can send over your article as a Word DOC/DOCX, LibreOffice ODT (free!) document, OpenOffice ODT (free!) document or exported document saved from… Read more »


[Bass of the Week] MBJ Guitars 1412

This week’s bass guitar of the week is a 5-string short scale! Cool! Builder Joe Kruse from MBJ Guitars writes: Build a short scale 5 string? Why not?! My goal with this instrument was to build something compact and utilitarian while still retaining an air of elegance. Avoiding unnecessary additions allowed me to focus on… Read more »