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What is a Kuznetsov Masterbuild Precision Bass Guitar?

In the depths of YouTube, something was found called the Kuznetsov.masterbuild Precision Bass Guitar. We know it’s probably from Russia. And that’s all we know. On a search for the instrument, we found this link for one that had a maple fingerboard on it. On translation of the page, the maple neck is AAA and… Read more »


"We want a demo!" – Audio tools to record a bass guitar quick and easy at home

The #1 request we get from fans of our Bass of the Week series is that they want a demo of the instruments featured. To those who make this request, there are a few things to bear in mind: 1. Guys and gals who build bass guitars aren’t recording engineers These people are guitar builders… Read more »


[Bass of the Week] Dave Jorgensen Sir Paul

This week’s BotW is Beatles-inspired and “goes a mile deep” in a really good way. Builder Dave Jorgensen writes: I’m a luthier and huge Beatles fan. I decided to take on the project of building a tribute to each of the Beatles, not for sale, but just for me to have. The Beatles guitars have… Read more »