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[Bass of the Week] Sampson Sammy

This week’s BotW takes on the shape and style of a Gibson Thunderbird with a P/J pickup configuration that ended up looking great. Builder Scott Sampson writes: I have always played my Fender Jazz Bass (MiM), but have always loved the shape and styling of the Gibson Thunderbird. I decided to model my build after… Read more »


Jackson JS2 Concert Bass Demo

We’ve been neglecting featuring Jackson bass goodness for a while now, so below is a video demonstrating the Jackson JS2 Concert Bass. The video isn’t in English, but that doesn’t matter because you really get to hear the bass, and that’s ultimately what matters most. Please let us know what you think of this Jackson… Read more »


The story of the new BBG logo

Some of you may have noticed that Best Bass Gear has started to use its new logo. It’s not being used everywhere just yet, but is being transitioned in. Does the logo have a story behind it? Yes, it does. The original BBG logo was nothing but white letters on a blue background. It was… Read more »