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How to build a bass guitar – Neck pocket template fabrication part 2

In part 2 with our neck pocket template fabrication, we’re now performing a rough cut and removing the surrounding material with a bandsaw. The photos below shows how it’s done: Next up, the bottom hardboard piece has its excess middle portion removed flush to the edges of where the glued pieces on top meet: Above… Read more »


What does a 1972 Fender Precision Bass sound like with flatwound strings?

Pretty darned good, as you’ll hear from the video below. A quick 101 on flatwound strings Tight Flats, unless specifically stated otherwise, have tighter tension at pitch compared to roundwound. An example of a flat that isn’t tight is the La Bella Low Tension string. However, some would argue a flat that isn’t tight doesn’t… Read more »


[Bass of the Week] Aash bass SG

This week’s feature bass has a blend of maple and ebony. Builder Elash Cisse from writes, Single cut bass which has a great versatile sound in active and also in passive mode. Mixture of maple and ebony on the top makes its distinctive appearance. BODY: Ash. TOP: Flame maple. NECK: Hard Maple-3pc. FINGERBOARD: Ebony…. Read more »