How to build a bass guitar – Drilling holes and cutting out the pick guard part 1


We’re getting closer to finalizing the pick guard, and in this step we drill some holes, drill some more holes, then perform some shaping. Below: Tools used for this step. 1/8″ and 3/8″ bradpoint bits, countersinking bit, centerpunch, razor blade and a half-round file. Below: Marking the drill hole points with the centerpunch. This is … Read more

How to build a bass guitar – Routing the pickup opening in the pick guard part 2


This is a continuation from part 1. Below: This is our completed pickup template from a previous step, ready for use. Below: Same as above, showing the back side. Below: The pickup template placed on top of pick guard template, lined up as best as possible. Below: The same as above, but flipped over (remember, … Read more