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[Bass of the Week] Carruthers’ Guitars 9101

This week’s BotW, according to the instrument’s buyer, Bryant, was made by John Carruthers whose shop is in Camarillo, CA, but he was in Venice Beach, CA at the time this instrument was built. Bryant writes: I asked master guitar luthier, John Carruthers to build me a 5 string based on the jazz bass format… Read more »


Gretsch Guitars G6136LSB White Falcon Bass Guitar

This bass is from one of our competitors, but hey, it’s a cool instrument that you don’t see too often on video. Above is a Gretsch White Falcon bass guitar. It’s a full hollow-body instrument, made of maple. It also has “Thundertron” dual-coil pickups in it, and typical to Gretsch has their way of doing… Read more »


How to fix overtone issues on a short scale bass guitar

The short scale bass is an interesting animal because there are times you have to take certain things into consideration to solve issues with them. On a bass BBG worked on recently, an inexpensive Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Special SS (the SS meaning short scale), there was a peculiar issue where fretted notes played on… Read more »