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The robots haven’t taken over. Yet.

There have been many attempts over the years to mechanize music that is ordinarily played by humans, and the bass guitar is no exception as you’ll see in the video below. Before showing the robot bass playing, here’s a more recent video an acoustic guitar being played using robots: As you can see, yes you… Read more »


Building a bass part 1 – The full scale drawing

A helpful thing to do before even beginning the build is to draw a full scale (meaning full size, as in 1:1) drawing of the instrument you have in mind. Good reasons why the full scale drawing is the first thing you should do 1. You get an initial feel for the guitar While true… Read more »


Is the Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound right for your bass?

(*Note: More recent versions of the Quarter Pound no longer show the “Basslines” logo, but it is still the same great pickup it always was.) Is Quarter Pound just a name? Quarter Pound is not just name-only. The pole pieces used in a Quarter Pound are 1/4-inch in diameter, expanding the magnetic field of the… Read more »