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Team Fortress 2 Main Theme Bass Cover

Ordinarily, we keep clear of any video game references, but this is an exception just because it sounds cool. Team Fortress 2 is a video game, but it’s main theme is Peter Gunn inspired, which of course has great bass tone to it. The video below shows how to play along with the TF2 main… Read more »


The Moni Bassus

One of the more rare electric bass guitars from the 1960s is the Moni Bassus, made in Hungary. Reported only to have been constructed in the 1960s and having a low production number, coming across one isn’t exactly easy. Made as good as a Fender or Gibson of that era? No. Designed well? That’s debatable…. Read more »


[Bass of the Week] Giorgio Benedettini 1410

This week’s feature bass design started with the string retainer and was built from there. Builder Giorgio Benedettini writes: Hi, I’m a luthier form Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This Bass started with the idea of a coin used as a string retainer. Then I designed everything else. The top is Redwood, mahogany and peroba body,… Read more »