Aguilar OBP-3 | OBP3 Bass Preamp

The custom prewired units below include wiring all of the following for whatever configuration you have chosen:
  • Potentiometers
  • Switches
  • Battery connectors
  • Output Jack

The Output Jack is a standard switchcraft panel jack. If you require a long threaded barrel jack you will need to make the connections to your long threaded barrel jack as your bass isn't on our bench!

Switches are standard black flat mini-toggle. Black round bat, Chrome Flat, & Gold Flat are available during configuring your preamp.

Since your bass isn't on our bench there are a couple connections you will have to make including wiring the pickups to the preamp, grounding the wire from the bridge to the output jack, and possibly the jack if it is not the common style sterero panel jack that is included.

Prewiring is done every couple of days. Typical wait is just 4-5 days before leaving our shop.

Shipping Note on Prewired Units:

Prewired units are created based on your individual order.

This means that our technicians are custom wiring your order within days of completing your order with Best Bass Gear.

If you choose expedited shipping options that does not expedite the time taken to custom wire your particular item.