Pickup Screws | Foam | Tubing

All of the essential hardware for mounting & adjusting your freshly installed pickups

Pickup Screws

Pickup screws are 1.50" ((38.1mm) & are available in chrome, black, and gold finishes to match the aesthetics of your bass.

Some manufacturers do not provide pickup screws with their pickups and some do. Please see the list of manufacturers to determine if you require pickup screws for your application

  • Bartolini Pickups - No screws provided
  • Basslines Pickups - Chrome screws provided
  • DiMarzio Pickups - Black screws provided
  • Delano Pickups - Black screws provided
  • Lindy Fralin Pickups - Chrome screws provided
  • Nordstrand Pickups - Chrome screws provided
  • EMG Pickups - Chrome screws provided
  • Aguilar Pickups - Chrome screws provided

Pickup Foam

Pickup Foam dimensions: 1/2"(12.7mm) Thick X 1/2"(12.7mm) Wide X 8"(203.2mm) Long.

One piece is adequate for installation of 2 Jazz Bass pickups. Foam is adhesive backed for easy installation and provides a firm, but responsive cushion for necessary height adjustment.

Pickup Screw Tubing

Pickup Screw Tubing dimensions: 1/8"(3.17mm) Inner Diameter, 1/4"(6.35mm) Outer Diameter. 1/16"(1.58mm) Wall. Each piece is 2"(50.8mm) & is typically adequate for 4 pickup screws.

  1. Pickup Screws - (Pack of 4)

    $3.00 - $3.50
    All screws are 1.5" (38.1mm) long. Some manufacturers supply pickup screws with their pickups, some do not... Some manufacturers supply pickup screws with their pickups, some do not... Bartolini Pickups - No screws supplied
  2. Pickup Foam - 8" piece

    One 8" Piece typically adequate for 2 Jazz Style Pickups.  Wondering how to use this? Check out this article on setting your...
  3. Pickup Screw Tubing (2" Piece)

    One 2" Piece typically adequate for 4 screws.