Thomastik-Infeld Strings


Jazz Bass Strings

With a highly pliable steel core wrapped with a silk inlay and pure nickel true ribbon flat windings, these strings deliver legendary T-I tone.
characteristics: smooth, warm, balanced
E-Bass Jazz Series are strings with extended durability and high output. A highly flexible steel core gives the string a balanced feeling and a special character. The overall sound characteristics can be described as very close to the double bass.

Jazz Bass 4 String Set

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Jazz Bass 4 String Set - Hofner

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Jazz Bass 5 String Set

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Jazz Bass 6 String Set

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Infeld Bass Sets

Superalloy windings deliver bright, cutting tone; their higher signal to noise ratio produces more power than most strings.

Infeld bass strings deliver modern tone, with balanced spread across the frequency spectrum. They communicate in a full, well-rounded bass, throaty mids and solid treble without brittleness. Since the outer layer of windings in Superalloy™, the warm tone is retained. Plus, they are easier on your fretwork tha stainless or allsteel strings.

Infeld Bass Set - 4 String

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Infeld Bass Set - 5 String

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Powerbass Sets

Combining TI's powerful magnecore winding wrapped onto a extremely flexible steel hex core creates a set with unmatched clarity, transparency & max output.
characteristics: mighty crisp powerful high output
Power Bass Rock Series have a very thin steel hex core. The new design with highly flexible core and massive magnecore winding achieves fascinating clarity and transparency of sound combined with maximum output: these strings are handmade by highly qualified craftsmen on microprocessor controlled machines. Our high quality standards of production and material are based on 80 years of experience in bowed instrument string production.

PowerBass 4 String Set

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