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Started in 1919 by two former officers of the Austrian monarchy, Dr. Franz Thomastik and civil engineer Otto Infeld, the company Thomastik-Infeld was created. Their first breakthrough was the invention of the steel string which thus has caused a revolution in the string world. The reason to create a steel string was from viewing the current string, the Gut String, and determining that precision and reliability did not always accompany the highest quality in tone.

Presently Thomastik-Infeld manufacturers and enormous variety of strings with this new exciting sound for instruments of the world. Their strings are produced at the homebase Thomastik-Infeld, right in the heart of Vienna, the worlds premier music capital. TI manufacturers and constructs machines for production of their strings in their own workshop. With a staff of 190 skilled employees they produce over 3,000 diffferent strings each year. 97% of their strings are exported and can be found in workshops and music stores in 100 countries world wide.

TI believes the string makes the music and that the beauty of the musical timbre depend upon the type of material used for the core, and the material spun on the core. For their definition of perfect sound Thomastik-Infeld has consistently stayed with use of chosen steel and nylon as the core material for their string sets.

Thomastik-Infeld is the future of sound!