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In the bass market of today the preamp selections have become rather large and diverse as well the tonal qualities we use to express their sound.Glockenklang has chosen to create a preamp that is quite easy to describe in terms of tonal qualities;Transparent. Their thoughts on modern electronics is to create a higher fidelity, longer living, and more precise product to provide you exceptional quality in your instrument. Based in Germany Glockenklang has existed for quite some time building amps and cabinets for some of the top names in Europe. Artists ranging from Oliver Riedel of "Rammstein", and Helmutt Hattler of Michael Brecker, and Billy Cobham. They now offer onboard preamps for the bass and the quality is just as strong as their amp and speaker technology.

Recommended for use in all genres from Rock,Jazz,Reggae, R&B and many others the Glockenklang onboard preamp is the perfect solution for those that are looking for a transparent, subtle, and not overly aggressive onboard EQ for their bass. Perfect for those that love the tone of their current pickups and wish to not contour or color the natural tone of the instrument the Glockenklang is a perfect solution. Available in 2-Band & 3-Band applications,with some models offering the unique passive tone roll off, the Glockenklang onboard preamp is an exceptional solution to onboard modern bass EQ.