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Professional Bass Equipment. Designed & Developed in Sweden.

Products ranging from Amps & Heads, Cabinets, Combo's, Cables, Effects Pedals, Straps, Rack Cases, and Accessories EBS has a product to suit your tonal tastes.

EBS Amplification

By Combining an unrivaled tonal quality and robust flavor, EBS bass amps are perfect for any musician whether your a touring, session player, or simply a local gigger. Easy to adapt to suit any venue EBS amplification will let you the musician bring your own distinct sound to the audience in the purest form.

EBS Bass Cabinets

With 25 years of experiecne in developing speaker cabinets for bass has led to the creation of three unique lines of Professional Bass Cabinets, all with the signature EBS sound still in mind. The EBS signtature sound is reproduced best through their own ProLine cabinets that boast a solid bass sound with great and natural reproduction of the forgotten midrange combined with a hearty punch. The NeoLine develops the ProLine sound in a unique lightweight package tha responds quicker, and a bit louder due to the use of their own Neodymium speakers. With the NeoLine you can expect a thorough sound that can cut through the mix in a clean and balanced manner.

In addition to their ProLine & NeoLine, the ClassicLine applies a vintage look and phenomenal warm tone that apply to all styles and genres of music. Though less expensice than the ProLine & NeoLine, the ClassicLine is a serious choice for high caliber musicians of all walks.

EBS Bass Combos

The EBS bass combos incorporate the know-how of EBS amplification and speaker technology that is offered in a single unit. Offered in two distinct platforms, NeoGorm & Session Line, the EBS combo's offer the same big rig feel their cabinets & heads boast from a much smaller and travel friendly size. Perfect for the small venue, garage band, or in-house practicing musician EBS combos leave little to be desired in quality amplification.

EBS Effect Pedals

EBS pedals are designed with you the bass player in mind. The extensive range of EBS effect pedals offer quality sound processing tools for stage & studio use. Availabe in effect styles from Envelope Filter, Reverb, Octaver, Compressor, Overdrive, Tremelo, Chorus, Phaser, Distortion, Wah, and including signature pedals for Billy Sheehan & Stanley Clarke, EBS has an effect pedal to give you the unique signal processing you have been searching for.