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StellarTone introduces a unique concept in passive tone shaping with the StellarTone tonestyler's for bass and guitar. Designed and built in the US and utilizing high quality Military Spec Rotary Switches with Gold Contacts and Terminals, low capacitance shielding, and a compact size the StellarTone tonestylers are a phenomenal product that builds on the high impedance passive analog tone characteristics of your current passive bass. These units for bass and guitar boast a quality analog designed circuit with zero noise, compression, distortion, or clipping of your signal and install cleanly in place of your current single capacitor tone control.

For 2013, Stellartone introduces eight brand-new ToneStylers; four versions for bass, and four versions for guitar.

These new BASS and STANDARD ToneStylers are offered with either six or ten EQ positions, and either our original single circuit design, or our new & unique dual pickup circuit with dual shielded cables and dual EQ ranges, individually optimized for neck & bridge pickup harmonics.

  1. Stellartone ToneStyler Bass Eleven

    Stellartone Bass Eleven
    The Stellartone Bass Eleven is a Eleven-Position High-Impedance passive tone shaping circuit with zero noise, distortion, compression or clipping. The Bass Eleven offers eleven discrete tone settings with the tenth setting as a "true bypass"...
  2. Stellartone Tonestyler Standard Eleven

    Stellartone Standard Eleven
    Standard Eleven Eleven-position capacitance array range: true bypass to .022uF For electric guitars with one volume knob, such as Fender Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul Jr; for various guitars with a pickup selector switch and one master volume...
  3. Stellartone ToneStyler Bass Duo Six

    Stellartone Bass Duo Six
    Bass Duo Six Dual six-position capacitance array ranges.True bypass to .022uF (for bridge pickup), and true 250k bypass to .047uF (for neck pickup) Dual molded-in low capacitance shielded cables by Mogami For electric basses with two volumes...
  4. Stellartone ToneStyler Bass Six Mid

    Stellartone Bass Six Mid
    The Stellartone Bass Six Mid is a Six-Position High-Impedance passive tone shaping circuit with zero noise, distortion, compression or clipping. The Bass Six Mid offfers six discrete tone settings with the sixth as a flat bypass. The maximum...
  5. Stellartone - ToneStyler Duo Six Mid Length

    Standard Duo Six(Mid-Length) Recommended for single pickup instruments, or instruments with two tone controls that have controls mounted through the body. Six discrete tone settings for each pickup Dual...