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The Realist acoustic transducer family includes an ever-growing list of instruments. Over the years, The Realist has proven to be extremely adaptable: what started off as a great bass pickup soon became a great cello pickup, and not long after became a great violin, viola, mandolin, and banjo pickup.The patented Realist technology has made The Realist Transducer the world's most respected pick-up for acoustic instruments

Realist Upright Bass Pickups

Realist Bass Pickup

Bass Pickup

- $219.99

Bass Pickup w/ Wood Element

- $219.99

Acoustic transducer unrivaled for transparency, tonal fidelity, instrument safety, and simplicity of installation.Patented design captures the vibrancy of the top plate. Produces an organic or natural tone.Bass Transducer now available in Natural Wood Element!

Realist Sound Clip

Realist Docking Station

- $89.99

The only universal volume attenuator. Fits any acoustic bass pickup. Installs to bass tailpiece without fasteners. Jack-Pot flexibility to bypass Docking Station's resistance.Available Acoustic Bass

Realist Sound Clip

Bass Sound Clip

- $399.99

Great for players who travel, need a pick-up only when they are using an amp, or play a variety of styles.Clamps onto the bridge of any string bass or cello without marks or damage.Clamping allows it to be added or removed at a moment's notice.Available for Cello & Acoustic Bass.