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Elixir Nanoweb Bass Strings

Over time gunk builds up in the windings of uncoated strings. As a result the string will not vibrate as feely. Elixir strings feature their patented ultra-thin NANOWEB® polymer coating, covering the string and protecting it from gunky build-up.

Players swear by them and say they keep their tone longer than any coated or uncoated string – 3 to 5 times longer. That means you’ll save yourself the added cost and hassle of more frequent string changes.

And you’ll get a full range of tones from your bass with Elixir Strings, from those thunderous lows, to an expansive punchy midrange, and soaring clean highs. Which means they’ll get the job done and have your bass sounding its’ best whether you’re playing country, funk, jazz, rock, or blues.