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DR Strings began their journey during the 1960's as an idea of Al Dronge (the founder of Guild Guitars) that was passed down to his son Mark Dronge the founder of DR HandMade Strings.

In an age of computer assisted machinery used for winding strings DR chooses rather to assist in handwinding the strings to prove true to their HandMade feel & sound that many musicians have falling in love with.DR employs highly skilled craftsmen that recognize the need for consistency & quality in instrument strings.

DR prides itself on being a return to the American made, old fashioned hand craftsmanship, combined with the very finest of American made high quality metals. Artists using DR Strings read like a who's who of the music community. Players such as Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Johnny Winter, Sting, Bootsy Collins, Verdine White, and countless others use DR HandMade strings live & in the studio.

Available in 4,5, & 6 String configurations, and styles ranging from Hi-Beam's, Lo-Rider's, Sunbeam's,Fat Beam's(Marcus Miller Signature Series), Black Beauties, Drop-Down Tuning, Neon Hi-Def's, and Dragon Skin's.