Tone Stylers

  1. Stellartone ToneStyler Bass Eleven

    Stellartone Bass Eleven
    The Stellartone Bass Eleven is a Eleven-Position High-Impedance passive tone shaping circuit with zero noise, distortion, compression or clipping. The Bass Eleven offers eleven discrete tone settings with the tenth setting as a "true bypass"...
  2. Stellartone Tonestyler Standard Eleven

    Stellartone Standard Eleven
    Standard Eleven Eleven-position capacitance array range: true bypass to .022uF For electric guitars with one volume knob, such as Fender Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul Jr; for various guitars with a pickup selector switch and one master volume...
  3. Stellartone ToneStyler Bass Duo Six

    Stellartone Bass Duo Six
    Bass Duo Six Dual six-position capacitance array ranges.True bypass to .022uF (for bridge pickup), and true 250k bypass to .047uF (for neck pickup) Dual molded-in low capacitance shielded cables by Mogami For electric basses with two volumes...
  4. Stellartone - ToneStyler Duo Six Mid Length

    Standard Duo Six(Mid-Length) Recommended for single pickup instruments, or instruments with two tone controls that have controls mounted through the body. Six discrete tone settings for each pickup Dual...