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StellarTone ToneStyler

The ToneStyler® is an advanced drop-in replacement for the standard tone pot in the electric guitar. Easily installed in minutes without any modifications to the instrument, the ToneStyler dramatically improves the tone and versatility of any guitar with passive pickups. Since the ToneStyler fits your guitar's original tone knob, your tone upgrade is invisible.

Your old tone pot has only one capacitor, which offers only one roll‑off point, chosen just above the bass frequencies. The tone pot functions as a volume control to reduce the loudness of all frequencies above the bass tones. To make matters worse, that large value capacitor loads the pickup at all tone knob settings, which reduces mid-range clarity and signal level.

In sharp contrast, the revolutionary ToneStyler has not one, but an array of six, ten or sixteen selectable capacitors and roll-off points, including "true bypass". For the first time, players can adjust the frequency of the roll-off point... not simply the overall loudness of mids & highs. You choose exactly how much treble & midrange to retain, and where to cut it off. Plus, the small value capacitors greatly reduce pickup loading; this noticeably boosts your guitar's clarity and output level.

Powerful and precise control of treble & mid frequencies is provided at last... and that weak, muddy sound is completely eliminated!

The all new ToneStyler's feature:

  • Heavy Duty Military Spec rotary switchres with gold contacts and terminals. Manufactured by Grayhill,Inc. in the U.S.
  • 1/4" Solid "D" shaft with a flat edge for ease in indexing set screw knobs.
  • U.S Standard 3/8" -32 diameter x 5/16" Mid-Length bushings for mounting through instrument surfaces no thicker than 3/16".
  • Noted Rotation mechanical design.
  • Compact and cylindrical shape with 15/16" diameter. Similar to a standard size CTS potentiometer.
  • Low-profile solid-cast metalized epoxy module that requires only 7/8" depth in the control cavity.
  • Molded-in low capacitance shielded cable supplised by Mogami.
  • Complete with mounting hardware and instructions

Please Note:The Duo Models are intended to be used for control configurations that utilize two pickups and a single master tone.

The Standard models are intended to be used for control configurations that utilize a single pickup and master tone.

These units are not compatible with low-impedence or active pickups, but can be utilized with passive pickups and some onboard preamps if staged before the input on the preamp.

  1. Stellartone - ToneStyler Triple Six

    ToneStyler TRIPLE SIX - The T-6's audio performance and mechanical qualities remain identical to all previous ToneStyler models. This model also marks a return to "true bypass" in clockwise switch position #6.
    According to StellarTone: There is one big difference in the wiring of the cable which separates this T-6 model from all other ToneStylers ever built: BOTH the RED and the CLEAR wires in the cable are HOT. There are no separate...
  2. Stellartone ToneStyler Bass Eleven

    Stellartone Bass Eleven
    The Stellartone Bass Eleven is a Eleven-Position High-Impedance passive tone shaping circuit with zero noise, distortion, compression or clipping. The Bass Eleven offers eleven discrete tone settings with the tenth setting as a "true bypass"...
  3. Stellartone Tonestyler Standard Eleven

    Stellartone Standard Eleven
    Standard Eleven Eleven-position capacitance array range: true bypass to .022uF For electric guitars with one volume knob, such as Fender Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul Jr; for various guitars with a pickup selector switch and one master volume...
  4. Stellartone ToneStyler Bass Duo Six

    Stellartone Bass Duo Six
    Bass Duo Six Dual six-position capacitance array ranges.True bypass to .022uF (for bridge pickup), and true 250k bypass to .047uF (for neck pickup) Dual molded-in low capacitance shielded cables by Mogami For electric basses with two volumes...
  5. Stellartone ToneStyler Bass Six Mid

    Stellartone Bass Six Mid
    The Stellartone Bass Six Mid is a Six-Position High-Impedance passive tone shaping circuit with zero noise, distortion, compression or clipping. The Bass Six Mid offfers six discrete tone settings with the sixth as a flat bypass. The maximum...