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J-Retro Preamp

The J Retro 01 Bass Preamp is designed to fit directly into standard "Jazz" style basses without modification, including a 9v battery. Available in three different models; the J-Retro, J-Retro Deluxe, and the Darryl Jones J-Retro.

All three of the different models have their subleties in control layout and application, but all include John East's high quality 3-band equalizer design. A vary gentle built in contour adds some coloration, but without detracting from the basic sound of the instrument. The active blend circuit prevents the loss associated with many passive basses, where when both pickups are evenly mixed the signal from one pickup feeds into the other and creates a slight volume drop.

All models include an active/passive switch to allow you to utilize the bass if the battery dies in crucial circumstances, but this mode also provides a few useful passive functions inherent to the design.

All models include control plate, knobs, output jack, and battery clip and are already wired on the control plate ready for install. Pickup wiring inputs via screw terminals for hot and ground leads. Only a single groud wire is required to be soldered to complete installation. Read more about each models unique control layout below.

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Recommended for use on basses with a flat non-contoured control plate with the output jack on top and consisting of three controls. Able to fit on most Fender and Fender styled instruments with a single 9v battery without routing or modification.

J-Retro Deluxe

Same as the J-Retro 01 but intended for basses with the output jack on the side of the instrument. This unit contains a fourth knob for passive tone control. Fits Fender Deluxe, or Fender styled instruments with jack on the side.

Darryl Jones J-Retro

Similar tot he J-Retro in layout, but equipped with curved/contoured control plate intended to be used on Lakland Darryl Jones signature model. The top knobs on this unit are chrome, while the lower are black.