DiMarzio Ultra Jazz 4 String Bass Pickups (Set)

DiMarzio Ultra Jazz - 4 String Bass Pickups

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DiMarzio's Ultra Jazz™ pickup is just what its name implies: more of everything you want from a Jazz Bass replacement pickup.....lots more. It's fat, it's funky, it's big, and it's hum canceling. The Ultra Jazz™ is available individually in neck and bridge models, and as a matched set.

Recommended For

All positions. The Ultra Jazz™ was designed to fit the original Fender Jazz Bass, which has neck and bridge pickup cavities of two different sizes. Some current basses use the same length pickup in both positions. The Ultra Jazz™ set, DP149, consists of two pickups of different lengths, with the neck pickup shorter than the bridge pickup. The pickups are also available individually as DP147 (short) and DP148 (long) if your bass requires either one size pickup or the other. Please refer to the dimensions above for the correct choice for your bass:

Tech Talk

The appearance of the Ultra Jazz™ is traditional, but the wide dynamic range and frequency response of the hybrid magnetic structure allows both vintage and modern sounds. As with the Model J™, hum canceling is achieved with each coil sensing a pair of strings, rather than a stacked design; even with a relatively high DC resistance figure, the Ultra Jazz™ has very strong, percussive highs and clean lows. The Ultra Jazz Bass Pickup from DiMarzio is a pickup that top luthiers recommend because it has the right blend of vintage tone with modern convenience. Luthiers sing the praises about the Ultra Jazz because yes, it's just that good. You want that classic Jazz Bass tone with no hum? Then you want the Dimarzio Ultra Jazz.

The three main advantages of the Dimarzio Ultra Jazz are:

  • *Modern convenience of hum canceling
  • *Vintage Jazz Bass tone
  • *Very cost-effective

Hum canceling that doesn't "squash"

The modern convenience mentioned above is that the DP149 is in fact a hum-canceling pickup, however it does so in a way that does not "squash" the sound like most hum-canceling pickups do. In other words, usually whenever something is taken away (in this case being the hum), you lose something with the sound. However the Ultra Jazz does retain proper single-coil voicing while getting rid of hum. In addition, this is not a "sort-of cancels the hum" pickup. This pickup truly silences hum in a way that works very well.

Jazz Bass single-coil tone!

The Dimarzio Ultra Jazz is primarily designed to be a modernized version of a traditional Fender Jazz Bass pickup and be hum-free at the same time, but how does it do that? The answer is from (and this is quoted direct from DiMarzio) a "coil sensing a pair of strings, rather than a stacked design; even with a relatively high DC resistance figure, the Ultra Jazz has very strong, percussive highs and clean lows." In plain English: Think of a Jazz Bass tone with better treble response, a true single-coil sound without hum, and that basically sums up the DP149.

Now of course, "true" is a subjective term because it's ultimately up to your ears whether the Ultra Jazz really gets that single-coil-with-no-hum Jazz Bass sound or not. However it is the general consensus that the Ultra Jazz does get it right, so to speak.

Truly getting more for less

Why do luthiers recommend the Ultra Jazz? Because the pickup delivers on its promises. It does sound like a J-Bass single-coil is supposed to sound like. It does have hum-canceling technology that works correctly. It does consistently deliver tone you would expect.

The Ultra Jazz Set is one of those instances where a lower-priced pickup actually does get the job done in fine style with no compromises and truly kills that annoying hum; it is a solid, great-sounding upgrade pickup that anyone can use while at the same time not hitting the wallet hard at all.

Technical Specifications

  • Wiring: Standard four conductor
  • Magnet: Alnico 5 and Ceramic
  • Output: 250 mV
  • DC Resistance: 12.30K
  • Year of introduction 1996


    Bridge (DP148)

  • Length = 3.735"(94.9mm) Width = 0.740"(18.8mm)
  • Neck (DP147)

  • Length = 3.60"(91.4mm) Width = 0.740"(18.8mm)

Wiring Diagram

Dimarzio Ultra-Jazz Wiring Diagram