Pickup Screws - (Pack of 4)



All screws are 1.5" (38.1mm) long. Some manufacturers supply pickup screws with their pickups, some do not...
$3.00 - $3.50
$3.00 - $3.50

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All screws are 1.5" (38.1mm) long. Some manufacturers supply pickup screws with their pickups, some do not...

Some manufacturers supply pickup screws with their pickups, some do not...

Bartolini Pickups - No screws supplied

Basslines Pickups - Chrome screws supplied

DiMarzio Pickups - Black screws supplied

Delano Pickups - Black screws supplied

Lindy Fralin Pickups - Chrome screws supplied

Nordstrand Pickups - Chrome screws supplied

Question: Where Can I Buy a Pickup Screws - (Pack of 4)?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at sales@bestbassgear.com or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
Replacement screws
By Jim
As described look great,good replacement for my chewed up pickup screws,quick delivery.
Verified Buyer
Different from Originals
By Bob Hermann
I had the same experience as Josh Dyson. The screws were a little longer (the reason I bought them, based on a warning that the stock screws might not be long enough for the Bartolini pickups), but also a little bigger than the originals. Wanting a change to black screws, but not wanting to enlarge either the pickup covers of the pre-drilled holes in the bass, I stayed with the stock screws, which worked just fine on my 2002 MIM Jazz bass.
Verified Buyer
Careful - these were too big for me
By Josh Dyson
There may be different sizes when it comes to these, so take this with a grain of salt, but they were a bit thicker than the screws in my MIM Jazz Bass. Too thick to work with stock pickup covers.
Verified Buyer
Gold Screws
I purchased the gold screws, 2 packs. They were very easy to screw in and look great on my Nordstrand Big Singles.
Verified Buyer
By Frank
Good quality screws, gold color is very nice. They are just longer than the genuine fenders one.
Verified Buyer
NOT for Bartolini MK-1's
I bought these because the screws I had holding in my Bartolini MK-1's stripped and I wanted to replace them.
Verified Buyer
By Bill Wilkat
absolutely needed at times, and should be included with the Bartolini soap bar pickups--be sure to order them or you may find your other hardware too short like I did! But these worked fine, and can be screwed directly into the wood of the body as long as you drill the correct size holes to make them "self-tappping"
Verified Buyer
WORKING Bass Musician...
Great Parts...Will highly recommend!
Verified Buyer
good stock
By gaetan harton
good stock
Verified Buyer
too soft
By Bill
Be very careful you drill pilot holes, or verify this has already been done. The metal of these screws is too soft to sustain much pressure when turning the screwdriver.
Verified Buyer
BBG Accessories
By ronald mcmillon
Great quality and finish, just make sure that the hole in the bass is not too small for your screw, to tight of a hole is what causes pick up screws to crap out on you, and use the right size screw driver.
Verified Buyer
good replacement
By chris smith
It seems I can never find the exact right size screwdriver for these things, #2 doesn't fit #1 fits but strips real easy. Maybe I need better screwdrivers?
Verified Buyer
Worked well and looked better than the old chrome ones.
By michael
The screws were an easy fix for the old worn screws on my p-bass. One of the screw heads was a little tight for one the p-bass pickups, but did the job and held the pickup in well. The pickups were older style seymours with the active EQ on the pick-ups. Other than that I would recommend the product to others. I wish bestbassgear would consider selling pickguards and pickguard screws.
Verified Buyer
Just What I Needed
By Michael S Norris
These screws worked perfectly for my 7 string bass. Thanks for great customer service!
Verified Buyer
Bass builder
By Sola Gratia Custom Bass Guitars
Small order, but BBG was helpful and quick to ship as always. Thanks for all your help BBG!
Verified Buyer
Did the trick
By Jeffrey Schieb
I bought the black ones to use in a Warmoth Jazz bass body with Bartolini 57Js.

These screws were a bit too long, so I just snipped off the extra with some electrician's pliers and filed the end to a point and then they worked great.

For varied applications, it is better to be too long than too short so I don't consider having to cut them down a problem.

BBG even included an extra one in my order - love extra hardware!
Verified Buyer
By Zach
I looked everywhere for screws like these with no luck. Hardware stores did not have right size, and other websites wanted too much money. The ones I bought here were exactly what I needed, reasonably priced. THank you!
Verified Buyer
Good product
By Marcus
Perfect length, just the head is a bit too big for my Bartolini MK1 pickups on my Ibanez SR505 bass.