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EBS REIDMAR 750 Bass Amp

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EBS always put the sound first. Any product should offer a natural sound that reflects the character of the instrument and personality of the musician. The award winning EBS Reidmar design is no exception from that philosophy!
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If you are familiar with EBS bass amps you will feel at home with the Reidmar 750. The renowned built-in compressor and the 4-band EQ-section are really intuitive and feature the (for EBS) characteristic Bright and Notch filters and remind you a lot of the layouts of HD360 and TD660.

The preamp is analog, and similar to the preamp on HD and TD heads. The amp also features an Effects loop (send and return), Balanced XLR-out for live and studio use (with pre/post EQ switch and Ground Lift), Line out, Headphones out and Speakon speaker output. A couple new features on the back are the Mini-tele input for adding recorded music to play along to when practicing, and the Remote Control Connections to add a footswitch, such as the EBS RM-4, to switch on and off Character Filter and Drive, bypass the EQ or Mute the amp.

The amp processes the sound through an analog preamp with a D-class power amp providing 750 W @ 4 ohms load. Weight is 3.7 kg (8.2 lbs).

Be careful. The EBS Reidmar 750 is extremely powerful. Therefor we recommend using it with a larger 4 ohm cabinet, such as a 410 or even an 810 cabinet, if preferred.

CAUTION! If you still use it with smaller cabinets, make sure to be careful with the output volume to avoid blowing up the speakers.


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Lots of clean headroom
By Ben from on 7/31/2016
I was looking for a portable amp with lots of clean headroom and the EBS Reismar 750 serves me well. The drive knob adds a little warmth, but if you are looking for an very overdriven tube sounds, this is not the amp for you. It's very loud. I play in a loud metal band and rarely have to go pass 9 o'clock on the volume dial. The built in compressor is very transparent.

Another thing I like is that plugging into the headphone jack does not kill the signal to the cab. That way I can use the headphone out to feed my in-ear monitor.

I wish the speaker output was a dual Speakon/ 1/4" hybrid type so I could just use whatever speaker cable is available at the gig, and that there was a button for the mute function (it is foot switchable only).