Bartolini NTMB Preamps

Bartolini NTMB preamps are among the best known onboard bass preamps. Many major manufacturers as well as most smaller custom builders have Bartolini preamps as an option for their instruments, and many use Bartolini preamps as their standard stock preamp for their basses.

The NTMB come prewired on a harness with gain control trim potentiometer to control overall output. This means that the preamp module comes wired up to the potentiometers, battery connectors and the output jack. In most cases, the only connections that will need to be made are connecting the pickup wires to the pots and ground. Depending on layout, you may need to extend a couple of the wires to reach to the jack.

Bartolini Preamps come prewired from the factory. The NTMB are wired for 9 Volt operation, but an extra battery clip is included for 18 Volt operation.

**See the Bartolini FAQ section for information about knobs**