Bartolini 4.6AP



  • 3-Band: 2-Pickup, 4-Knob
  • VPP A/P - Bl - Treb/Bass Stack - Mid P/P

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Control Configuration

  1. Volume (with Active/Passive push-pull)
  2. Blend
  3. Treble/Bass Stack
  4. Mid (push pull freq selector)


A Pre-Wired harness saves the time and aggravation of wiring your pre-amp and pots into your instrument. They feature our industry leading pre-amps and premium audio-quality potentiometers with smooth control and ready for years of rugged use.

Bartolini preamps offer many popular configurations available for many control layouts. Tonally the Bartolini preamps are comparitively punchy in the low, low midrange, and midrange. The top end is 'note' bright. These units contain gain control which allows the user to set the signal to output level via a small trimpot on the module.

These preamps are not recommended for fitment in top routed Fender style instruments with the control cavity on the top. Intended to be used with an instrument with a rear control cavity.

*Modification Needed:

Bartolini preamps are built compatible for use with passive pickups such as Bartolini, Aguilar, Nordstrand, Delano, and other passive pickup manufacturers. If using active pickups preamp passive stage of Volume and Blend will need to use 25k pots. A single 9v battery is sufficient to power both active pickups and a Bartolini preamp simultaneously, but we recommend 2 9v wired for 18v if there is enough room inside the bass

Technical Specifications

  • Bass: +/-14db @ 30 HZ
  • Midrange: +/-10db @ 250, 500, 800 Hz. *Note: Mid P/P has 250 & 800Hz selections, Mid switch allows all three frequencies.
  • Treble: +/-16db @ 10 KHz

Question: Where Can I Buy a Bartolini 4.6AP?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
Love the new sound
By Alex Henley
I bought this under duress when the stock preamp on my went out. I really loved the sound of my Carvin LB-75 before this and hated to mess with that, but once I installed this preamp I was in love. I've had numerous compliments since the change.

Issues: The volume & blend knobs were switched so I had to re-wire them.

Also, just naming each pot on the cardboard would be extremely helpful.

I would definitely shop here again, though. 5 star gear and 5 star customer service!
Verified Buyer
Another great preamp from Bartolini
By Doug R
I purchased this item with a pair of mk4 pups to pull a better sound out of a fretless ibenez. I ather bass guitars are high quality boutique instruments and I needed the same quality sound out of my fretless for recording purposes. The output is amazing even in the 9 volt configuration and I am 100% satisfied as usual with Bartolini.
Verified Buyer
Livened up my bass
By Jonathan Markevich
I replaced some cheap electronics with this unit, and my bass "woke up". Great clarity, loads of EQ control and a huge output.

The documentation is adequate but doesn't say what the mid switch does; I believe it drops the adjustable midrange frequency down to 200Hz, it makes everything much thicker when you pull that out.

The only (understandable) downside is that you lose any EQ options when in passive mode, you have balance, volume and that's it.
Verified Buyer
Bartolini pre amp
By Alex Henderson
I have a Cort A6, I just thought that as it had MK1 Bartolini's that is would also have a bartolini pre-amp. Well that's not the case, mean trick.The difference between the standard unit and this Bartolini unit is just amazing. I believe both Ibanez and cort really kill what are great usable instruments with cheap electronics.I guess they are building to a price.
Verified Buyer
Bartolini 4.6AP
By Mikhail
Very nice preamp with a lot of sound tweaks. Active/Passive push/pull is very usefull. Also the output signal level adjustment on the preamp itself is a nice feature. The only negative thing about this preamp is that mine has some noice in balans pot, so maybe the quality of components is not the best. Still it's a very nice preamp with a lot of sound options.
Verified Buyer
By johnbass
I just purchased this preamp to go with some Bartolini pickups that I put in a Modulus Quantum 5. The bass sounds much 'warmer' than the EMG's that came in the bass when I bought it new. The bass is thundering, the highs are clear, and the mid's can give some growl. I also like the active/passive push/pull knob for bypassing the active electronics.
My only complaint is that it was hard to find information on Bartolini products. The guys at Best Bass Gear were very helpful and knowledgeable.
Verified Buyer
the best
By dale roberts
as usual you guys delivered the goods