Nordstrand 3/16" Thick Acrylic Jazz AS L Size Template

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Intended for American Standard Size Jazz Bridge Pickups

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Clear Acrylic Routing Template- American Std. Neck Sizing

Dimensions - roughly 4" X 6", Thickness - 3/16"

This routing template is designed for Bartolini 57S Bridge Pickup, All Delano American Standard Jazz 5-String Bridge Pickups,Lindy Fralin 5-String Bridge Pickup,EMG J5,& Aguilar 5-String American Standard Sizing Bridge Pickups.

*Please Note:The dimensions of the opening of the template are slightly oversized of the pickups intended for its exact use.The template dimensions will be larger by approximately 1-2mm. This is done to provide clearance for the variants in the pickup dimensions between manufacturers and to ensure height adjustment on the pickup.


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