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  1. John East BLI-01

    9v or 18v East Battery monitor
    The East BLI-)1 is designed to indicate when the life of your 9v or 18v battery system is getting towards the end of its life. At the point the warning LED begins to flash, around once per second, there is still some useful life left in the battery....
  2. Black Nuts 25 piece pak

    Black Potentiometer and Jack Nut (25 pieces)
    Extra Nuts for Pots and Input Jacks (25 pieces), Black 3/8" x 32 thread Check the existing dimensions of your potentiometer, or input jack for compatibility on sizing.
  3. Cloth Wire Kit

    Vintage Cloth Push-Back Wire Set
    Vintage Style Cloth Covered Wire Set 3-1/2' Black & 3-1/2' White. 22 gauge Unshielded Single Conductor Vintage Style, push back, cloth covered wire. Stranded wire with a waxed braided cotton outer insulation.
  4. 9v Battery Holder METAL clip

    9-Volt Battery Holder
    One 9-Volt Battery Holder metal clip
  5. EMG Solderless Pickup Cable

    Solderless Pickup Cable for EMG pickups
    EMG Solderless Pickup Cable For replacement solderless applications or converting your existing EMG's with quick connect cable option to be solderless in conjunction with EMG preamps or controls 9" in Length Sold Individually
  6. Wire - White Wire

    1 foot
    1 foot
  7. Wire - Black Wire

    1 foot
    1 foot
  8. Heat Shrink - 1/8" Diameter

    3" Piece. 1/8" Diameter
    Heat Shrink 3" Piece. 1/8" Diameter.Good for wire to jack lug connection
  9. Heat Shrink - 1/16" Diameter

    3" Piece 1/16" Diameter
    Heat Shrink 3" Piece 1/16" Diameter. Good for wire to wire connection
  10. Copper Shielding Tape

    1 Inch x 5 feet
    Copper Shielding Tape: 1 Inch x 5 feet Also, check out our e:Bass Blog post: 
  11. Battery Terminals 9v - 9 Volt with wire

    battery terminal clip with wire
    Battery terminal clip with lead wires. Dimensions:Height from Top of Battery .029", Width of Clip = .048", Length = 1" Approx.
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