About Us

It's always a funny story when a player calls us because the original place they bought their bass gear from just cannot help them out. We get this quite often and are always happy to extend a hand. Although we are technically a business, we all have a passion for basses - the instruments, the tones, the enjoyment of playing music. All of us play bass and, while some are better than others, we all also mod our basses.

That is why whenever you call, email, facebook, or discuss on our blog with us, you get a passionate answer. A reason why you should do what is recommended. For us, it would be a shame to not give you 100%. If one of us cannot find the answer to your question, we'll find someone who can.

For this reason, we wanted to share with you a little about us, so you can understand who we are and peek into our world. We want you to put a face to the name and, as a special treat, have a little bass eye candy to look at.

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