Leo Quan

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Leo Quan manufacturers some of the highest quality and well respected bass guitar bridges in the industry. Originally created in and available in the 1970's the Leo Quan bass bridge was designed and created by guitar/bass technician, and entrepreneur Glen Quan. The original models were crude by design and built from diecast zinc. Later models were made from a high quality zinc alloy and more finely milled for a higher quality design. These bridges have become one of the most highly sought out peice of hardware for the bass guitar and many Fender Precision and Jazz Bass owners utilize the Leo Quan Bridge as their first upgrade. As of late, Leo Quan Bridges have been unavailable in all models and there does not appear to be a revival on production currently.

We have created a Leo Quan Comparison Chart to assist you in finding a suitable alternative to your 4 or 5 String bass guitar. Please see below for more information on the Leo Quan replacement options.

Leo Quan Comparison Chart:

Leo Quan products are temporarily not being manufactured and we are not aware of when they will again be available with the exception of Badass II Chrome un-slotted bridges which are produced in limited numbers.

Our desire is not just to sell you parts, but to sell you the right parts for what you need... to that end we have put together this chart that offers suggestions for comparable bridges that we have available...

Leo Quan Product
Hipshot Bridges
Babicz Full Contact Hardware
Omega Bridges
Hipshot Kickass Bridges
BadAss II
5 Hole Mount
A Style
| B Style
BadAss III

3 Hole Mount
A Style | B Style

BadAss V

Please note: most Fenders will use the Badass II while newer American made Fenders (roughly 2003 to present) will use the Badass III.

There are, however, exceptions that exsist and we are here to help with that - just shoot us an email at: sales@bestbassgear.com and we can assist you in choosing the right bridge for your project.

* These bridges are not a direct Fender replacement, they use their own mounting hole pattern.
** Babicz Full Contact Hardware makes a 5 string bridge ~ please double check the mounting hole pattern for your particular project.

For 4 string configurations, we also offer a compatible Omega Bridge

Click here for a comparison of the Omega bridge vs. the Leo Quan Badass II