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Gruv Gear

Gruv Gear brings innovative, well engineered, and create solutions for professional musicians,DJ's,photographers, and more. GruvGear has reinvented transportational equipment gear and created a line of brilliant carts that are user friendly and serve multiple functions. These solutions integrate a new style of transporting your gear around in a modular, high-quality product that is unrivaled in todays industry. The purpose is to allow transportation of your gear in a safe, friendly, and effortless platform to save your energy and back for the time you when you need it most; On Stage.

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  1. GruvGear Solo Strap Neo

    $39.99 - $49.99
    GruvGear Solo Strap Neo
    The new SoloStrap Neo was designed with one thing in mind: To be the most comfortable padded single guitar strap you'll ever own!Comes in two widths: The 4.0 model (4" wide) helps ease the weight of heavier instruments such as basses and solid-body...
  2. GruvGear GigBlade Sliver

    The world's first side carry guitar bag just got thinner, sleeker and more wearable. The new GigBlade Sliver is a slice of the original, but still a cut above the rest.
    GigBlade Sliver The world's first side carry guitar bag just got thinner, sleeker and more wearable. The new GigBlade Sliver is a slice of the original, but still a cut above the rest. Meet the new standard in slim and lightweight gig...
  3. GruvGear FretWraps Black

    GruvGear FretWraps in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large
    Finally, a professional string dampener / muting accessory that every studio, session player, and tapping aficionado should have! Slide on a FretWrap to effectively cut overtones and sympathetic resonance during recording, live performance, two-hand...
  4. GruvGear GigBlade 2

    GruvGear Gigblade in Black, or Charcoal
    Grab your bass guitar and go with the amazing new GigBlade®, the most revolutionary gig bag ever designed. Its unique side-carry approach offers the quickest, most practical and user-friendly way to carry your guitar or bass. Staying closer to...
  5. GruvGear DuoStrap Signature Ergonomic Double Strap

    GruvGear DuoStrap Signature in Black, Brown, and Tan Leather
    The first and only professionally-tested double strap in the world - The DuoStrap® Signature patent-pending balanced weight distribution offers comfort like no other! Significantly reduces shoulder pain and strain while playing, and helps...
  6. GruvGear FretWraps HD

    FretWraps HD 3-Pack Medium Our popular string dampeners now come in amazing HD colors to complement your prized bass(es)! Used by studios, session players, and tapping/slapping aficionados all over the world, FretWraps...
  7. GruvGear Stadium Bag

    Stadium Bag Maximum cargo versatility. Now fits your rack gear. The largest multi-use cargo bag just got taller! The new Stadium Bag impresses with its voluminous top compartment, exclusive "locker door" side access, removable soft...
  8. GruvGear Solo Strap

    Black, Brown, or Tan GruvGear Solo Strap
    Drawn from the proven comfort, quality and unique construction of the DuoStrap Signature, the SoloStrap was designed for the most discerning guitarists and bassists. Using only the finest of leather hides from Europe, Canada, and South America,...
  9. GruvGear Extra Shoulder Strap for GigBlade(Charcoal)

    Extra Shoulder Strap for GruvGear GigBlade(Back Pack Carry)
  10. GruvGear Extra Shoulder Strap for GigBlade(Black)

    Extra Shoulder Strap for GruvGear GigBlade(Back Pack Carry)
  11. GruvGear DuoStrap Neo Black Ergonomic Double Strap

    This is what you've been waiting for: The DuoStrap Neo is our answer to the search for the most comfortable, ergonomically-correct, AND affordable guitar and bass strap. Endorsed by professionals including Dr. Randall Kertz, renowned chiropractor...
  12. GruvGear Grip Tape (2-Pack)

    2-pack of 18" x 0.75" slip-resistant, non-abrasive rubberized adhesive strips
    Grip Tape (2-Pack)

  13. GruvGear 48" Flat Bungees (2-Pack)

    2 Pack of 48" flat bungees for securing gear without digging into your gear
    Flat Bungees

  14. GruvGear Weather Cover

    Optional Weather Cover for use with the GigBlade
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